The Fugitive (1947)

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    • The Fugitive (1947)



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Based of the Graham Greene novel about a revolutionary priest
      in Central America.
      A priest who is The Fugitive is trying to getaway from the authorities
      who have denounced Christianity and want anyone linked to it dead.
      The Fugitive finds shelter with an Indian Woman (The Woman),
      a faithful parishioner, who gives the priest directions to Puerto Grande,
      where he could then board a ship and sail to freedom in America.
      On his journey to Puerto Grande, he meets up with a man who says
      he will protect him.
      In reality, he is the Police Informer and once The Fugitive realizes this,
      he is back on the run, but the Police Informer is never far behind
      along with the authorities.
      Written by Kelly The Fugitive (1947) More at IMDbPro »

      Full Cast
      Henry Fonda ... A Fugitive
      Dolores del Rio ... An Indian Woman (as Dolores Del Rio)
      Pedro Armendáriz ... A Lieutenant of Police (as Pedro Armendariz)
      J. Carrol Naish ... A Police Informer
      Leo Carrillo ... A Chief of Police
      Ward Bond ... El Gringo
      Robert Armstrong ... A Sergeant of Police
      John Qualen ... A Refugee Doctor
      Fortunio Bonanova ... The Governor's Cousin
      Chris-Pin Martin ... An Organ-Grinder (as Cris-Pin Martin)
      Miguel Inclán ... A Hostage (as Miguel Inclan)
      Fernando Fernández ... A Singer (as Fernando Fernandez)
      Rodolfo Acosta ... Man (uncredited)
      Mel Ferrer ... Father Serra (uncredited)
      Jack Pennick ... Man (uncredited)
      José Torvay ... Mexican (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Dudley Nichols (screenplay)
      Graham Greene (novel "The Labyrinthine Ways" also published as "The Power and The Glory")

      Original Music
      Richard Hageman

      Gabriel Figueroa

      Mel Ferrer's first film.

      "The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of the movie on January 5, 1948 with J. Carrol Naish and Ward Bond reprising their film roles.

      "Screen Director's Playhouse" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie on July 12, 1951 with Henry Fonda reprising his film role.

      Filming Location
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: John Ford- The Fugitive (1947)

      The Fugitive is a 1947 drama film starring Henry Fonda
      and , based on the novel The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene.
      It was shot on location in Mexico by
      Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa.

      Featured some of John Ford's Stock Company
      Including Ward Bond, John Qualen
      Pedro Armendáriz, Jack Pennick

      User Review

      Heavy Handed Symbolism
      16 May 2006 | by bkoganbing (Buffalo, New York)

      When Herbert J. Yates of Republic Pictures made a deal with John Ford to produce The Quiet Man he first made Ford agree to do one of his cavalry epics with John Wayne because he wanted a surefire moneymaker before taking a chance on The Quiet Man. The cavalry picture was Rio Grande.

      He must have been talking to the folks at RKO who lost their collective shirts when the public stayed away in droves from The Fugitive. It got great critical acclaim and no box office at all.

      My guess is that The Fugitive was sold all wrong or was made a year or two too early. If it had been sold as an anti-Communist as opposed to a pro-Catholic film it might have done better in those beginning years of The Cold War.

      The Fugitive is based on a Graham Greene novel The Power and the Glory and it is about a priest in an unnamed South American country who is a fugitive because of his calling. An anti-clerical government has taken control of the country and they are doing their best to drive the Catholic religion out of the country.

      Henry Fonda turns in a good sincere performance as the cleric, but he's about as convincingly Latino as Toshiro Mifune. The other members of the cast are well suited for their roles.

      The best performance in the film is from that chameleon like actor J. Carrol Naish who could play any kind of nationality on the planet. He's the informer who rats out Henry Fonda to the police. Very similar to what Akim Tamiroff did to Gary Cooper in For Whom The Bells Toll and Naish's own performance in another Gary Cooper film, Beau Geste.

      This was the first of three films Pedro Armendariz did with John Ford in an effort to broaden his appeal beyond Mexican cinema. Dolores Del Rio as his estranged wife was already familiar to American audiences from the silent screen.

      The original novel by Greene had the priest as somewhat less than true to all his vows. He's a drinker and a womanizer. Del Rio's character is also quite tawdry. And this from Greene who was a well known Catholic lay person. But this Hollywood in the firm grip of The Code so a lot of what Greene wrote had to be softened by Ford for the screen. It lessened the impact of the film.

      And with the whitewashing of Fonda's character came some rather heavy handed symbolism of Fonda as a Christlike figure.

      Still The Fugitive might be worth a look for Ford, Greene, and Fonda fans.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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