When Willie Comes Marching Home (1950)

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    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    When Willie leaves home to join the war effort he is all ready
    to become a hero, but he is only frustrated when his posting ends
    up to be in his home town, and he is recruited into training,
    keeping him from the action. However, when he finds himself
    accidently behind enemy lines he unexpectedly becomes a hero after all.
    Written by David Gibson

    Full Cast
    Dan Dailey ... William 'Bill' Kluggs
    Corinne Calvet ... Yvonne Le Tete
    Colleen Townsend ... Marjorie 'Marge' Fettles
    William Demarest ... Herman Kluggs
    Jimmy Lydon ... Charles 'Charlie' Fettles (as James Lydon)
    Lloyd Corrigan ... Maj. Adams
    Evelyn Varden ... Mrs. Gertrude Kluggs
    John Mitchum ... Schreves (scenes deleted)
    Paul Picerni ... Kerrigan (scenes deleted)
    Luis Alberni ... Barman (uncredited)
    Michael Alvarez ... Soldier (uncredited)
    Beau Anderson ... Soldier (uncredited)
    Frank Baker ... Bit Part (uncredited)
    Jack Barnett ... Soldier (uncredited)
    Gregg Barton ... Colonel (uncredited)
    Norman Bergman ... Musician (uncredited)
    Whit Bissell ... Lt. M.J. Hanley - Psychiatrist (voice) (uncredited)
    George Blagoi ... German officer (uncredited)
    Jack Boyle ... Soldier (uncredited)
    Frederic Brunn ... German Officer (uncredited)
    William Bryant ... B-17 Crew Member in Cockpit (uncredited)
    Paul Bryar ... French Resistance Fighter (uncredited)
    Peter Camlin ... Andre (uncredited)
    Allen Church ... Soldier (uncredited)
    Les Clark ... Musician (uncredited)
    Russ Clark ... Sgt. Wilson (uncredited)
    Ann Codee ... French Resistance Fighter (uncredited)
    Gene Collins ... Andy Barnes (uncredited)
    Heinie Conklin ... American Legionnaire at Dance (uncredited)
    Russ Conway ... Maj. J.A. White (uncredited)
    Clyde Cook ... Tarjack (uncredited)
    Lloyd Dawson ... Sailor Gunner (uncredited)
    Mimi Doyle ... Girl at Party (uncredited)
    Michael Dugan ... Aide (uncredited)
    Johnny Duncan ... Soldier (uncredited)
    James Eagles ... Reporter (uncredited)
    George Edwards ... Tail Gunner (uncredited)
    Robert Einer ... Lt. Bagley (uncredited)
    Barney Elmore ... Musician (uncredited)
    Franklyn Farnum ... Officer at Party (uncredited)
    James Flavin ... Gen. Brevort (uncredited)
    Everett Glass ... Colonel J.W. Hollingsworth (uncredited)
    Clarke Gordon ... Marine Officer (uncredited)
    Wilton Graff ... General Chester Jans (uncredited)
    Fred Graham ... Male Nurse in Hospital Corridor (uncredited)
    Alan Hale Jr. ... Laughing Sergeant at Dance (uncredited)
    Charles Halton ... Mr. Fettles (uncredited)
    Sam Harris ... Hospital Patient (uncredited)
    Joe Hartman ... Soldier (uncredited)
    Paul Harvey ... Brig. Gen. Lamson (uncredited)
    William Hawes ... Musician (uncredited)
    Don Hayden ... Flight Instructor (uncredited)
    Gil Herman ... Lt. Cmdr. Crown (uncredited)
    Don Hicks ... Soldier (uncredited)
    Robin Hughes ... Marine Officer (uncredited)
    Tim Huntley ... Britain Captain (uncredited)
    Ray Hyke ... Maj. Crawford - Pilot (uncredited)
    Frank Johnson ... (uncredited)
    Ted Jordan ... Gunner #1 (uncredited)
    Larry Keating ... Gen. G. 'Larry' Reeding (uncredited)
    Kenner G. Kemp ... 'Butch' - Officer at Meeting (uncredited)
    Don Kohler ... American Colonel (uncredited)
    Harry Lauter ... Aide (uncredited)
    Fred Libby ... Aide (uncredited)
    Ken Lynch ... (uncredited)
    Cliff Lyons ... Churchgoer (uncredited)
    J. Farrell MacDonald ... Gilby - Pharmacist (uncredited)
    Lee MacGregor ... French Resistance Fighter (uncredited)
    Harry Mack ... Soldier (uncredited)
    George Magrill ... Chief Petty Officer (uncredited)
    Mike Mahoney ... Corporal - Hanley's Aide (uncredited)
    Hank Mann ... American Legionnaire at Dance (uncredited)
    Mae Marsh ... Mrs. Clara Fettles (uncredited)
    Mickey McCardle ... Gunner #2 (uncredited)
    Keith McConnell ... British Lieutenant (uncredited)
    John McGuire ... Major L.T. Moore (uncredited)
    John McKee ... Andy - B-17 Co-Pilot (uncredited)
    David McMahon ... Col. Ainsley (uncredited)
    Louis Mercier ... French Resistance Fighter (uncredited)
    Vera Miles ... Girl Next to Laughing Sergeant (uncredited)
    Edwin Mills ... Navigator (uncredited)
    Alberto Morin ... French Resistance Fighter (uncredited)
    Peter Ortiz ... Piere - French Resistance Fighter (uncredited)
    Robert Patten ... Corporal Heckling Hill (uncredited)
    Jack Pennick ... Sgt. Briggs' Instructor (uncredited)
    Frank Pershing ... Maj. Bickford (uncredited)
    Otto Reichow ... Gestapo Agent (uncredited)
    Dan Riss ... Gen. Adams (uncredited)
    Felippa Rock ... Auxiliary Air Force Woman (uncredited)
    Carol Savage ... Auxiliary Air Force Woman (uncredited)
    John Shulick ... Pilot (uncredited)
    Mickey Simpson ... Military Policeman (uncredited)
    George Spaulding ... Judge Tate (uncredited)
    Harry Strang ... Sergeant (uncredited)
    Gilchrist Stuart ... British Lieutenant (uncredited)
    Don Summers ... Sherve - MP (uncredited)
    Charles Tannen ... Radio Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
    Harry Tenbrook ... Joe - Taxi Driver (uncredited)
    Tiny Timbrell ... Musician (uncredited)
    Kenneth Tobey ... Lt. K. Geiger (uncredited)
    Charles Trowbridge ... Gen. Merrill (uncredited)
    Arthur Walsh ... Soldier at Dance (uncredited)
    Harlan Warde ... Captain S. Robbins (uncredited)
    James Waters ... (uncredited)
    Cecil Weston ... Mrs. Barnes (uncredited)
    Kenny Williams ... Musician (uncredited)
    Hank Worden ... Marching Band Leader (uncredited)
    Sally Yarnell ... R.A.F. Radio Operator (uncredited)
    William Yetter Sr. ... German Officer (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    (in alphabetical order)
    Sy Gomberg story
    Mary Loos uncredited
    Richard Sale

    Original Music
    Alfred Newman

    Leo Tover

    Vera Miles' film debut.

    June Haver declined to play the role of Marge Fettles.
    In response, Twentieth Century-Fox placed Miss Haver on suspension.

    Willie goes in to see Col. Butterworth about a transfer in the late evening, and when he goes into the office, rear projection shows it's daylight outside

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Locations
    Conejo Valley, Thousand Oaks, California, USA
    Santa Catalina Island, Channel Islands, California, USA

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • When Willie Comes Marching Home is a 1950 World War II comedy film
    starring Dan Dailey and Corinne Calvet.
    It is based on the 1945 short story
    When Leo Comes Marching Home by Sy Gomberg.

    As in all of Ford's movies at this time,
    plenty of familiar faces to look out for!

    User Review


    During WWII a young American have difficulties to prove his love for his country
    22 October 2006 | by gerardoarias6 (Brazil)

    I have seen this film 55 years ago. My brother and I found it excellent, with natural acting actors and plenty of fine humor. Years later I always remembered with pleasure some parts of it, but I didn't remember neither the original name, nor the director. Recently, researching John Fords films I find this site. Trying to find more films from one of my preferred directors. I read about ¨When Willy come marching home". It was amazing as I realized that this was the Film I never dreamed to find again. I cannot remember so much to be sure that my recollections are correct. I need to see this film again in order to do a more exact comment. During all this years I have seen thousands of films. If "When Willy come marching home" let such an impression on me during all this time, I believed it should be a very good one.
    Gerardo Arias

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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