Gideon's Day (1958)

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    aka Gideon of Scotland Yard


    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    Scotland Yard Inspector George Gideon starts his day off
    on the wrong foot when he gets a traffic-violation ticket
    from a young police officer.
    From there, his 'typical day" consists in learning
    that one of his most-trusted detectives has accepted bribes;
    hunts an escaped maniac who has murdered a girl;
    tracks a young girl suspected of a payroll robbery and,
    then, helps break up a bank robbery.
    His long day ends when he arrives at home and finds
    that his daughter has a date with the policeman
    who gave him a ticket that morning.
    Written by Les Adams

    Full Cast
    Jack Hawkins ... Insp. George Gideon
    Dianne Foster ... Joanna Delafield
    Cyril Cusack ... Herbert 'Birdie' Sparrow
    Andrew Ray ... PC Simon Farnaby-Green
    James Hayter ... Robert Mason
    Ronald Howard ... Paul Delafield
    Howard Marion-Crawford ... Chief of Scotland Yard
    Laurence Naismith ... Arthur Sayer
    Derek Bond ... Det. Sgt. Eric Kirby
    Grizelda Harvey ... Mrs. Kirby (as Grizelda Hervey)
    Frank Lawton ... Det. Sgt. Frank Liggott
    Anna Lee ... Mrs. Kate Gideon
    John Loder ... Ponsford (the Duke)
    Doreen Madden ... Miss Courtney
    Miles Malleson ... Judge at Old Bailey
    Marjorie Rhodes ... Mrs. Rosie Saparelli
    Michael Shepley ... Sir Rupert Bellamy
    Michael Trubshawe ... Sgt. Golly
    Jack Watling ... Rev. Julian Small
    Anna Massey ... Sally Gideon
    Bart Allison ... Policeman (uncredited)
    David Aylmer ... Manners (uncredited)
    Hermione Bell ... Dolly Saparelli (uncredited)
    Robert Bruce ... Defending Barrister (uncredited)
    Diana Chesney ... Barmaid (uncredited)
    Francis Crowdy ... Mr. Fitzhubert (uncredited)
    Mary Donevan ... Usherette (uncredited)
    Donal Donnelly ... Feeney (uncredited)
    Patrick Ellis ... Minor Role (uncredited)
    Nigel Fitzgerald ... Insp. Cameron (uncredited)
    Peter Godsell ... Jimmy (uncredited)
    Helen Goss ... Woman Employer (uncredited)
    Lucy Griffiths ... Cashier (uncredited)
    Stewart Guidotti ... Bit Part (uncredited)
    Gordon Harris ... CID Man (uncredited)
    Alastair Hunter ... Employer #2 (uncredited)
    Joan Ingram ... Lady Bellamy (uncredited)
    Barry Keegan ... Riley - Chauffeur (uncredited)
    James Langley ... Minor Role (uncredited)
    John Le Mesurier ... Prosecuting Barrister (uncredited)
    Henry B. Longhurst ... Rev. Mr. Courtney (uncredited)
    Charles Maunsell ... Mr. Walker (uncredited)
    Michael O'Duffy ... Policeman (uncredited)
    Maureen Potter ... Ethel Sparrow (uncredited)
    Derek Prentice ... Employer #1 (uncredited)
    Robert Raglan ... Dawson (uncredited)
    Malcolm Ranson ... Ronnie Gideon (uncredited)
    Mavis Ranson ... Jane Gideon (uncredited)
    Susan Richmond ... Aunt May (uncredited)
    Alan Rolfe ... CID Man at Hospital (uncredited)
    Raymond Rollett ... Uncle Dick (uncredited)
    Stuart Saunders ... Chancery Lane Policeman (uncredited)
    Michael Scoble ... Minor Role (uncredited)
    Hennie Scott ... Minor Role (uncredited)
    O'Donovan Shiell ... Policeman (uncredited)
    Brian Smith ... White-Douglas (uncredited)
    David Storm ... Court Clerk (uncredited)
    Dervis Ward ... Simmo - Street Tough (uncredited)
    John Warwick ... Insp. Gillick (uncredited)
    Billie Whitelaw ... Christine (uncredited)
    Peter Wood ... Minor Role (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    John Creasey (novel "Gideon's Day") (as J.J. Marric)
    T.E.B. Clarke (screenplay)

    Original Music
    Douglas Gamley

    Freddie Young
    Charles Lawton Jr. (uncredited)

    Filming Location
    Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England, UK

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Gideon's Day (originally released in the United States as Gideon of Scotland Yard)
    is a 1958 police procedural crime film starring Jack Hawkins, Dianne Foster
    and Cyril Cusack. The film, which was directed by John Ford,
    was adapted from John Creasey's novel of the same name.
    It was released in the United States as Gideon of Scotland Yard.

    Although this is the first film to feature the named character of George Gideon,
    Jack Hawkins had already played a very similar role in the British film
    The Long Arm two years earlier.

    Gideon's Day was the first cops and robbers movie made by Ford.

    User Review

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Just watched this rarely seen 'cops and robbers' film,
    his only such film, and the most unlikely John Ford movie, I've ever seen!!
    How he got involved with this project, will probably never be known!

    Very hammy acting, with the majority of the Brit cast
    acting and shouting as if they were still on a stage.

    Anna Lee a Duke 'Pal' is Gideon's wife
    and puts in a fair performance.

    Overall though a very silly movie,
    complete with, during the office scenes, looking through the office window,
    obvious toy cars and London Buses, being used to simulate the traffic outside!
    Sound familiar, yes 'Hellfighter's' (a McLaglen movie) used the same awful technique!

    Novelty value to watch, but if you don't
    you're not missing anything!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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