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    • Irish Duke Fan

      Just wanting to introduce myself, 20 years old real name's Gareth and i'm from the North of Ireland. Really started to get into the Duke in the last six months after seeing the True Grit remade that was made and decided to check out the original, after that I was hooked and have been slowly making my way through The Duke's back catalogue. His Western's are my favourite especially Rio Bravo but iv'e been enjoying alot of his pictures lately and have yet to see a bad one. Other favourites include Hondo, Three Godfathers, The Commancheros, War Wagon etc. Greetings, Gareth.
    • Re: Irish Duke Fan

      Hi Gareth,

      WELCOME to The JWMB-
      The Original John Wayne Message Board
      where fans come to have fun!

      Please take a look around,
      we're a friendly bunch of folks,
      and there is a wealth of information to see,
      regarding the great man.

      You may find these links useful:-

      John Wayne:- A Newbies Guide to Duke

      Link to Duke's Movies, Co-Stars- Pals Of The Saddle and Movie Locations

      Gareth, welcome to the forum, and you join fellow Irish here.
      When you look around,you will discover that three of our
      members are very active in the restoration of
      The Quiet Man cottage, over in Cong, County Mayo, down in the Republic
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Irish Duke Fan

      Welcome to the board, Gareth. It warms my heart to see the younger generation taking a liking to John Wayne. You have a lot of films to catch up on. Duke made many, many great films.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Re: Irish Duke Fan

      Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I'm glad younger people like myself are getting into Duke pictures, I will happily encourage my kids and grandkids with his pictures too so he won't be going away anytime soon! I find it hard to explain how I feel about Duke, I like movies and have seen some crackers in my time but the Duke's screen presence just attracts me back time and time again and i'm never dissapointed. Something about the guy makes me want to know about him his movies and his work, I can only call it charisma, he's an old fashioned superhero like the spiderman and batman that kids enjoy today. This site is fantastic, iv'e just spent the last few days since iv'e joined reading old threads and iv'e learned so much. I can only thank you all for this fantastic resource, i'm burning daylight, Gareth.