Submarine Patrol (1938)

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    • Submarine Patrol (1938)



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Set during World War I, Submarine Patrol stars Preston S. Foste
      r as a naval officer demoted for dereliction of duty.
      He is forced to commandeer a battered old submarine chaser and its ragtag crew.
      Anxious to redeem himself, Foster transforms his loser underlings into a crack combat team,
      chalking up numerous enemy sinkings.
      Richard Greene costars as Foster's junior officer, a rich wastrel who matures
      into a worthwhile individual during his tour of duty.

      Full Cast
      Richard Greene ... Perry Townsend III
      Nancy Kelly ... Susan Leeds
      Preston Foster ... Lt. (j.g.) John C. Drake
      George Bancroft ... Capt. Leeds
      Slim Summerville ... Ellsworth 'Spuds' Fickett, cook
      J. Farrell MacDonald ... CWO 'Sails' Quincannon
      Warren Hymer ... Seaman Rocky Haggerty
      Douglas Fowley ... Seaman Pinky Brett
      Dick Hogan ... Seaman Johnny Miller
      Elisha Cook Jr. ... Seaman Rutherford Davis Pratt, aka 'The Professor'
      George E. Stone ... Seaman Irving Goldfarb
      Jack Pennick ... Bos'un 'Guns' McPeek
      John Carradine ... McAllison
      Henry Armetta ... Luigi
      Joan Valerie ... Anne
      Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom ... Marine Sentry Sgt. Joe Duffy
      Charles Trowbridge ... RAdm. Joseph Maitland
      Moroni Olsen ... The Fleet Captain
      Ward Bond ... Seaman Olaf Swanson
      Robert Lowery ... Sparks, radioman
      Harry Strang ... Seaman Grainger
      Victor Varconi ... Italian Naval Chaplain Vanzano
      Russ Clark ... Undetermined Part (script name, Anderson (unconfirmed)
      Charles Tannen ... Undetermined Part (script name, Kelly) (unconfirmed)
      Ernie Alexander ... Warship Sailor (uncredited)
      Murray Alper ... Orderly in Maitland's Office (uncredited)
      Lon Chaney Jr. ... Marine Sentry (uncredited)
      Dorothy Christy ... McPeek's Girl (uncredited)
      E.E. Clive ... (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
      Ray Cooke ... Warship Sailor (uncredited)
      Alan Davis ... Maitland's Secretary-Lieutenant (uncredited)
      Duke Green ... Warship Sailor (uncredited)
      Fred Malatesta ... Italian Gendarme at the 'Maria Ann' (uncredited)
      Frank Moran ... Waiter at Dive (uncredited)
      Manuel París ... Italian Gendarme at the 'Maria Ann' (uncredited)
      Ferdinand Schumann-Heink ... German Officer (uncredited)
      Dick Wessel ... Dock Shore Patrolman (facing camera) (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Don Ettlinger contributor (uncredited)
      William Faulkner script, 1936
      Sheridan Gibney contributor (uncredited)
      Rian James writer
      Gene Markey contributor (uncredited)
      Ray Millholland novel "The Splinter Fleet of the Otranto Barrage"
      George O. Noville contributor (uncredited)
      Kathryn Scola 1936 script
      Karl Tunberg contributor (uncredited)
      Darrell Ware writer
      Jack Yellen writer

      Original Music
      Arthur Lange (uncredited)
      Charles Maxwell (uncredited)

      Arthur C. Miller
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: John Ford- Submarine Patrol (1938)

      Submarine Patrol was a 1938 drama film,
      which was well recieved by audiences and critics alike.
      It starred Richard Greene, Nancy Kelly
      Preston Foster, George Bancroft
      Slim Summerville, J. Farrell MacDonald

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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