Drunk Duke

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  • Thanks Robbie. I haven't seen this before. It seems to me that I see more of him that I've not seen before. Though I knew about what was talked about, I never seen Duke talk to Merv Griffin before. I am looking for an interview with Duke and Johnny Carson. Can't seem to find one for that one.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo


    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"

    - John Wayne quote

  • That was great. Thanks for sharing it, Robbie. I loved the relaxed nature of the interview.


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • Really enjoyed watching the Duke. Thanks!


    "I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please."

  • A bit late, but it's the first time I've seen this clip, so thanks. One thing's for sure. I would have loved to have dropped back a tequila or three with Duke.