Binnie Barnes

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    • Binnie Barnes


      Information from IMDb

      Date of Birth
      25 March 1903, Finsbury, London, England, UK

      Date of Death
      27 July 1998, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (natural causes)

      Birth Name
      Gittel Enoyce Barnes (later called Gertrude Maude Barnes)

      5' 5" (1.65 m)

      M.J. Frankovich (28 September 1940 - 1 January 1992) (his death) 3 children
      Samuel Joseph (3 January 1931 - 15 October 1936) (divorced)

      Son Peter Frankovich (b. 1946)

      Mini Biography-1
      British-born actress who appeared in both British and American films, but who found her greatest success in Hollywood second leads. After a variety of jobs, including nurse, chorus girl and milkmaid, Barnes entered vaudeville. She appeared in more than a score of short comedies with comedian Stanley Lupino before making her feature bow in 1931. Two years later she achieved prominence as one of the half-dozen wives of the King in The Private Life of Henry VIII. (1933). The following year she moved to Hollywood and began a career as the smart-aleck pal of the lead or as the angry "other woman." Barnes also played numerous leading roles, but spent most of the 1930s and 40s in strong supporting parts. In 1940 she married football star (and later producer) M.J. Frankovich and after the war, they moved to Italy and appeared in several films there and elsewhere in Europe. She retired from films in 1954, but returned for a few roles in the late 60s and early 70s. She worked busily with numerous charities until her death in 1998.
      IMDb Mini Biography By: Jim Beaver

      Mini Biography-2
      Her early work, beginning at age 15, included milkmaid, nurse, chorus girl, dance hostess and a vaudeville rope-twirling act in which she was known as "Texas Binnie Barnes." Her acting debut, with Charles Laughton, was in 1929 in Silver Tassie; her film debut was the English movie Night in Montmartre (1931). She did 26 comedy shorts with Stanley Lupino, which led to her playing Catherine Howard in Laughton's The Private Life of Henry VIII. (1933) and a year later a part in Douglas Fairbanks' The Private Life of Don Juan (1934). In 1934, Carl Laemmle Jr. brought her to Hollywood where she played in more than 75 movies including Diamond Jim (1935) with Edward Arnold, The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938) with Gary Cooper, and The Singing Musketeer (1939) with Don Ameche. In 1940, she married UCLA football star (and later Columbia Studios producer) M.J. Frankovich. They moved to Italy after World War II where she made more films. She returned to Hollywood in the 1960s, playing in TV series and as Sister Celestine in the two Rosalind Russell "Angels" movies. Her last film was 40 Carats (1973) starring Liv Ullmann and Gene Kelly. Her husband died in 1992; she died six years later, aged 95, at her home in Beverly Hills. She was survived by two sons and a daughter.
      IMDb Mini Biography By: Ed Stephan

      Before her screen debut in 1929, she worked as a nurse, chorus girl, dance hostess, and vaudeville comedian.

      Made 26 comedy shorts with Stanley Lupino

      Mother of Mike Frankovich Jr. (b. 1942), Peter Frankovich (b. 1946) and 'Michelle Frankovich De Motte' (b. 1944).

      Aunt of Rayford Barnes

      She was one of four children.

      Biography in: "American National Biography". Supplement 1, pp. 29-30. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.

      She and her husband are buried alongside Joe E. Brown in his grave site in Forest Lawn in Glendale, California.

      Shares a large monument and grave site with Joe E. Brown at Forest Lawn in Glendale.

      Personal Quotes
      I'm no Sarah Bernhardt. One picture is just like another to me as long as I don't have to be a sweet woman.
      (1931) She acted in Noel Coward's play, "Cavalcade," at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London, England with Mary Clare, Edward Sinclair, and John Mills in the cast.

      (October 13,1931-December 1931) She acted in Noel Coward's play, "Cavalcade," at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London, England with Mary Clare, Edward Sinclair, Una O'Connor, Fred Groves, and Irene Browne in the cast. Noel Coward was also director.

      1973 40 Carats...Maud Ericson
      1968 Where Angels Go Trouble Follows!...Sister Celestine
      1966 The Trouble with Angels...Sister Celestine
      1963-1966 The Donna Reed Show (TV series)
      – By-Line--Jeff Stone (1966) … Maddy
      – Just a Little Wedding (1963) … Binnie Haversham
      1954 Malaga...Frisco
      1951-1953 Lux Video Theatre (TV series)
      – Miss Marlowe at Play (1953) … Miss Marlowe
      – No Will of His Own (1951) … Beatrice
      1953 Decameron Nights..Contessa de Firenze/TheCountess/Nerina the Chambermaid/The Old Witch
      1951 General Electric Guest House (TV series)– Episode #1.1 (1951)
      1950 Shadow of the Eagle...Catherine the Great
      1950 Fugitive Lady...Esther Clementi
      1949 The Masked Pirate...Queen Carolina Maria
      1949 My Own True Love...Geraldine
      1948 The Dude Goes West...Kiki Kelly
      1947 If Winter Comes...Natalie Bagshaw
      1946 The Time of Their Lives...Mildred Dean
      1945 Getting Gertie's Garter...Barbara
      1945 The Spanish Main...Anne Bonney
      1945 The Fifth Chair...Eve Floogle
      1944 Barbary Coast Gent...Lil Damish
      1944 The Hour Before the Dawn...May Heatherton
      1944 Up in Mabel's Room...Alicia Larchmont
      1943 The Man from Down Under...Aggie Dawlins
      1942 I Married an Angel...Peggy
      1942 In Old California...Lacey Miller
      1942 Call Out the Marines...Violet 'Vi' Hall
      1941 Skylark...Myrtle Vantine
      1941 Three Girls About Town...Faith Banner
      1941 The Great Awakening...The Countess Carolinda
      1941 Tight Shoes...Sybil Ash
      1941 Angels with Broken Wings...Sybil Barton
      1940 Married But Single...Charlotte Campbell
      1940 'Til We Meet Again...Comtesse de Bresac
      1939 Day-Time Wife...Blanche
      1939 Frontier Marshal...Jerry
      1939 Man About Town...Lady Arlington
      1939 Wife, Husband and Friend...Cecil Carver
      1939 The Singing Musketeer...Milady De Winter
      1938 Thanks for Everything...Kay Swift
      1938 Gateway...Mrs. Fay Simms
      1938 Tropic Holiday...Marilyn Joyce
      1938 Always Goodbye...Harriet Martin
      1938 Three Blind Mice...Miriam Harrington
      1938 Holiday...Mrs. Laura Cram
      1938 The Adventures of Marco Polo..Nazama
      1938 The First Hundred Years...Claudia Weston
      1938 The Divorce of Lady X...Lady Claire Mere
      1937 Broadway Melody of 1938...Caroline Whipple
      1937 Breezing Home...Henrietta Fairfax
      1936 Three Smart Girls...Donna Lyons
      1936 Magnificent Brute...Della Lane
      1936 The Last of the Mohicans...Alice
      1936 Small Town Girl...Priscilla Hyde
      1936 Sutter's Gold...Countess Elizabeth Bartoffski
      1935 Rendezvous...Olivia
      1935 Diamond Jim...Lillian Russell
      1934 There's Always Tomorrow...Alice Vail
      1934 Forbidden Territory...Valerie Petrovna
      1934 One Exciting Adventure...Rena Sorel
      1934 Gift of Gab...Cameo Appearance
      1934 The Private Life of Don Juan...Rosita, a Maid Pure and Simple
      1934 The Lady Is Willing...Helene Dupont
      1934 No Escape...Myra Fengler
      1934 Nine Forty-Five...Ruth Jordan
      1934 The Silver Spoon...Lady Perivale
      1933 The Private Life of Henry VIII....Katherine Howard The Fifth Wife
      1933 Heads We Go...Lil Pickering
      1933 Counsel's Opinion...Leslie
      1933 Taxi to Paradise (short)...Joan Melhuish
      1933 Their Night Out..Lola
      1932 Strip! Strip! Hooray!!! or (Fun with the Sunbathers) (short)...Spanish Lady
      1932 Down Our Street...Tessie Bernstein
      1932 The Innocents of Chicago...Peg Guinan
      1932 Murder at Covent Garden...Girl
      1932 Old Spanish Customers...Carmen
      1932 The Last Coupon...Mrs. Meredith
      1932 Partners Please (short)...Billie
      1931 Dr. Josser, K.C...Rosa Wopp
      1931 Love Lies...Junetta
      1931 Night in Montmartre...Therese
      1931 Out of the Blue...Rosa
      1923 Phonofilm

      Watch the Full Movie

      The Private Life Of Don Juan (1934)
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Profile) Pals Of The Saddle- Binnie Barnes

      Gertrude Maud "Binnie" Barnes
      was an English actress whose career in films
      spanned four decades, from 1923 to 1973.

      Binnie Barnes made just 1 movie with Duke

      In Old California (1942)...Lacey Miller

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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