2012 Olympic Games

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  • There were more posts about the games being added to the thread
    Last Non Western You Watched,
    increasingly making it more off topic.

    I have therefore copied the initial and moved
    the more recent posts below to this new thread.
    So now we can continue to post our thoughts on the games.

    I commented that, I thought the opening ceremony
    was wonderful, but that was about it.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Apart from the opening ceremony,
    anything is better than watching the Olympics.
    Long past it's sell by date!!

    2 episodes of X Files anything is better than watching the Olympics!!

    Which is why im digging out all of my old movies ;-)))

    My wife and I really enjoy watching both summer and winter Olympics. Oh well, to each his own, I guess. lol


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • Three. I have been quite confused as to all these statements. I don't think the general public believes as such..
    At the moment, I have to catch them on the net as I did away with my satellite, and I can't get diddly squat on my TV out here. But, usually, I tape them through the day so I can watch the originals at night. Hate it when you know who won before you see the event! I guess these folks just aren't Sports people. But I actually think of The Olympics as a great deal more that just Sports. It is more of a national pride type thing. Sports that I would NEVER choose to watch, I really enjoy because they are part of our nation pride. Also, I am well aware of the dedication, training and complete change of lifestyle that our Olympic athletes must go through to be on a team. My school friend was 6'1" going into the seventh grade. Her father was 6'7 or so and one uncle was over 7', and her Mom was about 5'10". She was quasi training with her father as coach for the shot put. But, she was on our seventh grade basketball team. I won't say she was clumsy, but she didn't have the speed or agility that most of us did. Maren's BBall practice mainly consisted of shooting just as close as possible. All of us rotated throwing the ball extremely high so whoever was guarding her couldn't touch it, but she could catch it. Then she would turn and "toss" it in the net. She did almost no dribbling. Heck, I think just our running out onto the court from the locker rooms half won our games...........we always had Maren in between our two shortest players, and she looked like a real giant! But, when she got to be about 15 or 16, her Dad focused her more on the shot put. Did she make it to the Olympics? OH YES. Here are two articles about her.
    I have been looking up old high school chums lately.......think I will go find Maren on FB. GO USA!

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Four...I won't say that I look forward to them every four years but I do watch a couple of hours a day. As far as the national pride part of it I am proud of the Americans in the games. That siad, I probably won't watch the men's basketball team. They are more of a symbol of what's wrong with sports for me than what's right. What makes me a fan of the Olympics is the pure emotion in the lesser known athletes. The ones who may only have one or two chances on the world stage to be a champion. Oh, I also like watching womens beach volleyball :omg:

  • Most of its like watching paint dry!
    Only watched the Ladies Football because i thought they were going to swap shirts at the end:cry2:

  • Well, to each their own, for sure. But, I must say that this has completely shocked me. Nowhere, and I have been many places, have I ever seen such a disdain for The Olympics. I just can't imagine why. One of you nice fellahs want to explain it to those of us who take pride in our teams in The Olympics? Ringo? Just wondering. KPKeith

    anything is better than watching the stupid Olympics.they should put on pay per view

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Well, to each their own, for sure. But, I must say that this has completely shocked me. Nowhere, and I have been many places, have I ever seen such a disdain for The Olympics. I just can't imagine why. One of you nice fellahs want to explain it to those of us who take pride in our teams in The Olympics? Ringo? Just wondering. KPKeith

    Where do we start,
    IMO, it is boring, over inflated,
    too many new 'sports' which are like watching paint dry,
    the empty stadiums are testimony too that.

    The opening ceremony was wonderful
    only to be spoiled by the endless, mind numbing team parades,
    of hundreds and hundreds of athletes.
    By the time you got to M, everyone was asleep.
    Why bother, the whole teams were not there anyway,
    so why bother at all.
    Just have the captains come out with the national flags
    and it would be done in 15minutes!!.

    It is costing the taxpayers of each country lots of hard earned money,
    to send teams, some with hundreds of athletes to
    competitions they have no chance of even qualifying,
    let alone winning medals!!

    Team GB for example has 'athletes'
    who probably wouldn't even win their school sports day,
    let alone win on the the big stage.

    This issue, along with other issues, has I feel sure, left many, many people
    in the UK uninterested, as deep down, they know
    Team GB have no chance of winning gold in the major events.

    May I point out this is my personal answer,
    and is not intended to reflect others.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Well, had written a nice reply, but it disappeared.
    Funny, I thought You, Keith were number 2 who LIKED the Olympics after Mark...........must have read it wrong.

    Wonder if all you UKs feel the same way? How about Americans? How do we feel toward the "watching drying paint" description of them? Well, they have the highest TV ratings.....well above anything else, so I guess the majority don't ascribe to that idea.

    Until this year when I had to give up my satellite and can get nothing on my TV, I always watched almost everything since I was a child and my parents taught me the value of the games. In later years I would "save" things and watch them at night. Now, if you aren't VERY careful, you find out the results before you ever get a chance to "watch them" on the net.

    It is true that the "amateur" part of the Olympics is really "professional" now. That is a shame, but nonetheless pretty real. Still, the tiny country who does not help its lone runner, etc. and he has to train on his own is still most proud to be able to represent his little country in the event....even if he comes in last. Next year, there might be another and there may be funds to help. Lots of small, but good teams have developed in that fashion.

    I find the gymnastics parts to be "edge on the seat" type of watching. The floor exercises, pommel horse, rings, uneven bars, and so on can be heart stopping at times. We had quite a few excellent springboard and tower divers on our CC swimming team. They went to a camp all summer to learn gymnastics as part of their training for tower diving. At the CC, you would see them walk on their hands completely around an L shaped pool with 50 meters on one side and 25 yards on the other. My brother said he spent the weekend with Monty, a young diver of 6, and Monty did flips right into his seat at the breakfast table. Those guys lived gymnastics all the time just to help with their diving skills. I imagine most of them had dreams of the Olympics even when they were so very young. Only one that I knew ever made the team, but they won many competitions, and I can assure you, their bodies were in excellent shape......not like our children of today.

    The ABC saying, "The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat" is obvious in the faces of the competitors and their coaches. Years and thousands of training hours culminate in that one chance. A sweaty hand, slip, anything can dash all hopes in a single second. I, as do most of us, want our team to win......but who can not pull for, just a little, a tiny 14 year old like Nadia Comanichi who gave the first ever 10 performance.......in fact when on to give another 5 or 6 tens?

    As for the "watch the paint dry" part.......don't know what those are....guess they are new and I haven't seen them yet.

    Maybe the time will come for me when the "MAGIC" that is THE OLYMPICS will fade.........not yet though. And those people who don't have a chance..........I cheer for them the hardest. There have been some REAL surprises throughout the years!
    KPKEITH My personal answer too, obviously.

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • The paint drying events!!
    Where do you start. Air pistol,archery, Olympic football(whats the point? Euros ,world cup etc. )No Scots wanted to play 3 token Welshmen and the rest are useing it as a run out for the England under 21s.The welsh didnt even sing the National Anthem at the football ! Thats how British they feel.
    A great opening ceremony costing millions that the country can ill afford.A real kick in the teeth for the N H S that desperatly needs money spent on it.
    Blatent cheating at the badminton.
    For me its lost its way ,how many competitors are amatuers? Surely the point of the event.
    Flag waving exersice thats well past its sell by date.Use the money to help the people living on the poverty level and below.
    Ooh a rant ! feel free to pick it to bits and prove me wrong!

  • Never planned to "pick anything to bits" Scottie, just wanted to understand why you all dislike it so. You have given some good reasons. KPKEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • dont watch any olymipics as they are on at night when im in bed just glad to see that some teams asr doing well and that the aussies are not this time might make them wake up to themselves lol

    " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"

  • Hi

    Having started this debate I must admit that I am watching some of the events, possibly because at the moment Team GB are third in the table and are winning events that we haven't won in 50 years and with half the Olympics gone we are starting to achieve great things.

    I will still be glad when it is over but so far it is going well and of more importance safely.



    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • Last time I saw, you were doing quite well in the Horse Dressage events. That is a very demanding sport on both horse and rider. About time GB got back on top in horse events. Friend of mine, now gone, was the owner of the first Four in Hand, (westerns call them 4 ups), team to beat GB in the event, (not in the Olympics). He also rode the back of the coach as I think it was called "groom"....long time ago. The Marathon was a grueling test of all involved and quite exciting. Glad to see GB is making a good showing in other areas also.

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Quote

    The opening ceremony was wonderful
    only to be spoiled by the endless, mind numbing team parades,
    of hundreds and hundreds of athletes.

    My favorite part of the Olympics is when the athletes walk in. That's what it's all about.

    Also, I learned some new countries.