Pals Of The Saddle- Most Viewed Co-Stars

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    • Pals Of The Saddle- Most Viewed Co-Stars

      Most Viewed Co-Stars

      It's been a few years since we began the process
      of profiling most of Duke's co-stars.

      Thought it might be interesting after seeing how,
      very popular (with the help of Paula) Ben Johnson is.
      Indeed, to date, he has amassed 36,468 views.

      I have listed below, (not including his family)
      what we seem to consider Duke's
      most viewed and presumably best loved co-stars.

      1. Ben Johnson- 36,468
      2. Harry Carey Jr. 19,245
      3. Randolph Scott- 15,592
      4. James Stewart-11,078
      5. James Arness - 10,991
      6. Ward Bond - 10,916
      7. Richard Boone - 8599
      8. Richard Widmark - 8,439
      9. Gail Russell - 7,569
      10.Roy Rogers 7,301

      Interesting to note, that the highest female co-star is
      not Maureen O'Hara but Gail Russell

      However please remember we have the dedicated
      Maureen O'Hara Forum, which in total
      has amassed tens of thousands of views!!
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • To update Keith's post from Aug 2012, here is the latest top 10 "most viewed" co-stars on the forum.

      Old Ben maintains a healthy lead over the #2 spot which now has Randolph Scott in at #2 with Bond #3, and Harry Carey Jr in at #4. Jimmy Stewart falls from #4 to #6, Richard Boone jumps from #7 to #5. James Arness falls from #5 to #8, and Richard Widmark drops out of the top 10. Dean Martin gets in to the top 10 at #10 with 20,671 total views.

      1. Ben Johnson - 108,136
      2. Randolph Scott - 86,714
      3. Ward Bond - 62,540
      4. Harry Carey Jr. - 57,079
      5. Richard Boone - 39,499
      6. James Stewart - 35,352
      7. Roy Rogers - 29,151
      8. James Arness - 28,289
      9. Claire Trevor - 26,151
      10. Dean Martin - 20,671

      It seems that Gail Russell was over taken by Claire Trevor for the #9 spot as the top female co-star to crack the over all top 10 most viewed. Didn't include Maureen O'Hara (5,318) because she has her own forum and so has generated many views due to such visibility.
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