Bert Glennon

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    • Bert Glennon

      [email protected]@._V1_UY317_CR8,0,214,317_AL_.jpgBERT GLENNON

      Information from IMDb

      Date of Birth
      19 November 1893, Anaconda, Montana, USA

      Date of Death
      29 June 1967, Sherman Oaks, California, USA

      Birth Name
      Robert Lawrence Glennon

      5' 9" (1.75 m)

      Mary Coleman (? - ?)

      Father of James Glennon.
      Grandfather of Meghan Glennon.

      Mini Biography
      While attending Stanford University in 1912, Bert Glennon was hired as an assistant cameraman, and, upon graduation, went into the film business full-time. Becoming a director of photography in 1916, Glennon became one of the industry's most respected craftsmen and worked often for such perfectionist directors as John Ford and Cecil B. DeMille. His success as a cinematographer didn't carry over to his attempts at directing, however; the few films he directed from 1928 to 1932 were increasingly mediocre, and he gave up his attempts at directing to resume his distinguished cinematography career, where he stayed until his retirement in 1963.
      IMDb Mini Biography By: frankfob2

      1963 The Man from Galveston
      1960-1963 77 Sunset Strip (TV series)
      – 88 Bars (1963) (director of photography)
      – 5: Part 5 (1963)
      – 5: Part 4 (1963)
      – 5: Part 3 (1963)
      – 5: Part 2 (1963)
      1963 G.E. True (TV series)
      – Commando (1963) (director of photography)
      – Heydrich: Part 2 (1963) (director of photography)
      – Heydrich: Part 1 (1963) (director of photography)
      1963 The Dakotas (TV series)
      – Terror at Heart River (1963) (director of photography)
      – One Day in Vermillion (1963) (director of photography)
      – Trial at Grand Forks (1963) (director of photography)
      – Walk Through the Badlands (1963) (director of photography)
      – Justice at Eagle's Nest (1963) (director of photography)
      See all 13 episodes »
      1960-1962 Lawman (TV series)
      – The Unmasked (1962) (director of photography)
      – Jailbreak (1962) (director of photography)
      – Explosion (1962) (director of photography)
      – Get Out of Town (1962) (director of photography)
      – The Man Behind the News (1962) (director of photography)»
      1962 Lad: A Dog
      1962 Cheyenne (TV series)
      – A Man Called Ragan (1962) (director of photography)
      1961 Coronado 9 (TV series)
      – Wrong Odds (1961) (director of photography)
      1960 Tenderfoot (TV series)
      – Shadow Catcher (1960) (director of photography)
      1960 Maverick (TV series)
      – Hadley's Hunters (1960) (director of photography)
      1960 Bourbon Street Beat (TV series)
      – Teresa (1960) (director of photography)
      – Reunion (1960) (director of photography)
      – Inside Man (1960) (director of photography)
      1960 Sergeant Rutledge (director of photography)
      1958-1960 M Squad (TV series)
      – Needle in a Haystack (1960) (director of photography)
      – A Debt of Honor (1960) (director of photography)
      – Ghost Town (1959) (director of photography)
      – The Take Over (1958) (director of photography)
      – The Long Ride (1958) (director of photography)
      1959 Laramie (TV series)
      – The Iron Captain (1959) (director of photography)
      1959 Bonanza (TV series)
      – A Rose for Lotta (1959) (director of photography)
      1959 Markham (TV series)
      – A Princely Sum (1959) (director of photography)
      1959 Cimarron City (TV series)
      – The Bitter Lesson (1959) (director of photography)
      1958 State Trooper (TV series)
      – Stay Lost Little Girl (1958) (director of photography)
      – The Doll Who Couldn't Sleep (1958) (director of photography)
      1957 Cavalcade of America (TV series)
      – Chicago 2-1-2 (1957) (director of photography)
      1956 Davy Crockett and the River Pirates
      1955 Disneyland (TV series)
      – Davy Crockett and the River Pirates (1955)
      – The Goofy Success Story (1955)
      – Davy Crockett's Keelboat Race (1955)
      – Jiminy Cricket Presents Bongo (1955)
      1954 The Mad Magician
      1954 Riding Shotgun (director of photography)
      1954 The City Is Dark (director of photography)
      1953 Thunder Over the Plains
      1953 The Moonlighter
      1953 House of Wax
      1953 The Man Behind the Gun (director of photography)
      1952 About Face
      1952 The Big Trees (director of photography)
      1951 The Sea Hornet
      1951 Operation Pacific (director of photography)
      1950 Rio Grande (director of photography)
      1950 Wagon Master (director of photography)
      1949 Red Light
      1948 Ruthless (director of photography)
      1947 Copacabana
      1947 The Red House (director of photography)
      1947 Mr. District Attorney
      1946 Shadow of a Woman
      1946 Night and Day (director of photography - uncredited)
      1946 One More Tomorrow
      1946 Jan Savitt and His Band (short)
      1945 San Antonio (director of photography)
      1944 Hollywood Canteen (director of photography)
      1944 The Very Thought of You
      1943 The Desert Song
      1943 Destination Tokyo (director of photography)
      1943 This Is the Army (director of photography)
      1943 Mission to Moscow
      1943 Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra (short)
      1942 Vaudeville Days (short)
      1942 Desperate Journey
      1942 Juke Girl
      1941 They Died with Their Boots On (director of photography)
      1941 The Tanks Are Coming (short)
      1941 Dive Bomber (director of photography)
      1941 One Night in Lisbon
      1941 Virginia
      1941 The Reluctant Dragon (director of photography)
      1940 The Tree of Liberty
      1940 Our Town
      1939 Swanee River
      1939 Drums Along the Mohawk (director of photography)
      1939 The Rains Came (uncredited)
      1939 Young Mr. Lincoln
      1939 Stagecoach (director of photography)
      1938 Kidnapped (uncredited)
      1938 Swiss Miss (photography - uncredited)
      1937 The Hurricane
      1937 The Prisoner of Zenda (uncredited)
      1936 Lloyd's of London
      1936 Can This Be Dixie?
      1936 Dimples (photography)
      1936 Little Miss Nobody
      1936 Half Angel
      1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island
      1935 Tainted Money
      1935 Bad Boy
      1935 Thunder in the Night
      1935 Ginger
      1935 The Lottery Lover
      1934 Hell in the Heavens
      1934 She Was a Lady
      1934 Grand Canary
      1934 The Scarlet Empress
      1933 Alice in Wonderland (photographed by)
      1933 Morning Glory
      1933 Melody Cruise
      1933 Gabriel Over the White House
      1933 Christopher Strong
      1932 The Half Naked Truth
      1932 Blonde Venus
      1928 The Patriot
      1928 Street of Sin
      1928 The Last Command
      1927 The City Gone Wild
      1927 The Woman on Trial
      1927 We're All Gamblers
      1927 Paying the Penalty
      1927 Barbed Wire
      1927 Hotel Imperial
      1926 Good and Naughty
      1926 The Crown of Lies
      1925 A Woman of the World
      1925 Flower of Night
      1925 Wild Horse Mesa
      1925 Grounds for Divorce
      1925 Are Parents People?
      1925 Tomorrow's Love
      1924 Worldly Goods
      1924 One Parisian Night
      1924 Changing Husbands
      1924 Triumph
      1923 The Ten Commandments
      1923 You Can't Fool Your Wife
      1923 Java Head
      1922 Ebb Tide
      1922 Burning Sands
      1922 The Woman Who Walked Alone
      1922 Moran of the Lady Letty (uncredited)
      1921/I A Daughter of the Law
      1921 Nobody's Fool
      1921 Moonlight Follies
      1921 The Kiss
      1921 Cheated Love
      1921 The Dangerous Moment
      1921 The Torrent
      1920 The Kentucky Colonel
      1920 The Society Bug (short)
      1919 Lightning Bryce
      1917 The Eyes of the World (as Bert L. Glennon)
      1916 Ramona
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Profile) Pals Of The Amaera- Bert Glennon

      Cinematographers, were responsible for putting the magic
      onto the silver screen, and without them, the spectacle would never be!

      Four such men,
      William H. Clothier,Archie Stout, Winton Hoch and Bert Glennon
      were without doubt very special to Duke and his movies.

      Clothier and Hoch, more or less took over the mantle,
      from Stout for the years after!

      Bert Glennon was an American cinematographer and film director.
      He directed Syncopation (1929) the first film released by RKO Radio Pictures.

      He was nominated for three Academy Awards in Best Cinematography
      categories for the films Stagecoach (1939), Drums Along the Mohawk (1939),
      and Dive Bomber (1941)

      with John Ford

      Glennon worked as a cinematographer on over a hundred films
      for directors including John Ford, André De Toth,
      Josef Von Sternberg, Raoul Walsh, and Cecil B. DeMille.

      His son, James Glennon, was also a noted cinematographer.

      Bert Clennon, was a top cinematographer,
      and a favourite of both John Ford, and Cecil B. DeMille,

      He was responsible for the camerawork
      on such movies as
      Swanee River, Drums Along the Mohawk , Young Mr. Lincoln,
      Destination Tokyo, Wagon Master, Sergeant Rutledge etc.
      As well as top TV Series such as Disneyland,
      Davy Crockett, Bonanza, Laramie, M Squad,
      The Dakotas, 77 Sunset Strip, Lawman, Maverick etc

      Bert.Glennon - James Wong Howe [2nd cam]

      More importantly he bought the camera magic,
      to what was probably Duke's most important career movie

      He was the cinematographer on 3 movies with Duke
      Operation Pacific (1951)
      Rio Grande (1950)
      Stagecoach (1939)
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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