The Seige and Fall of the Alamo (1914)

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    • Re: (New Reviews) The Alamo Movies- The Immortal Alamo (1911) The Seige and Fall of t



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      An account of the battle of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas,
      during the Texan War of Independence against Mexico in 1836.

      Only Credited cast that is known
      Ray Myers Ray Myers

      The Siege and Fall of the Alamo (1914), a silent film,
      It is now considered a lost film.
      Directed and starring Ray Myers

      This is the only known Alamo film that was actually filmed at the Alamo.
      Except for four production stills and a small review buried in the Library of Congress,
      that is all that is known for certain about this lost independent production.

      The Siege and Fall of the Alamo was made in San Antonio
      with a cast of 2,000 actors “at a cost of more than $35,000.00.”
      At “five great reels” in length, it was the first feature-length film about the Alamo.
      Praising the film, the Light called it “a splendid piece of photography,
      clear in every detail, and the acting is perfect.
      The play seems to please the patrons and is pronounced by historians as a great production.”

      Only a few still photographs remain at the Library of Congress.

      Filming Location
      San Antonio, Texas, USA

      Please see

      The Siege and Fall of the Alamo (1914)
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      London- England

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