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      Rocklin wrote:

      Hi Rocklin here from a cold wet England, I'll try and get on the board as often as I can but I'm at the moment building my second site to the great John Wayne.

      Hi Rocklin

      WELCOME to The JWMB-
      The Original John Wayne Message Board
      where fans come to have fun!

      Please take a look around, we're a friendly bunch of folks,
      and there is a wealth of information to see, regarding the great man.

      You may find these links useful:-

      John Wayne:- A Newbies Guide to Duke

      Link to Duke's Movies, Co-Stars- Pals Of The Saddle and Movie Locations

      We have many members from the UK, including me of course,
      and you need not remind me of how wet it is!.
      Let us know about your sites, as we are always interested.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
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      I don't mind you checking out my sites as soon as I have figured out how to put them onto my profile, and thanks for the welcome to the board.

      "Curly don't say it's a fine morning or I'll shoot ya." ~McClintock

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      Welcome to the Original John Wayne Message Board, without a doubt the BEST forum dedicated to John Wayne that you are likely to find anywhere! We boast a fun, friendly, very knowledgeable group, and if you want to know something about John Wayne, this is the place to find it.

      If it's cold and rainy outside, it's a good time to be inside reading and posting on the JWMB! :wink_smile:

      Looking forward to getting better acquainted,

      Chester :newyear:
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      I have added my second site to the Duke on my profile there is a link on the contents page to my first site. I would really like someone to check out my first site if at all possible because I have tried to load it up but it seems slow to load..........Thanks