A Thunder of Drums (1961)

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    • A Thunder of Drums (1961)



      Plot Summary
      Captain Maddocks will never be promoted beyond Captain because of a mistake that he made in the past.
      Lt. McQuade is a green rookie who is now under the command of the tough Captain
      and he does not seem to be able to do anything right. Lt. McQuade also has trouble with Tracey,
      but it will be the renegade Indians that will test him and teach him the importance of following orders.
      Written by Tony Fontana <[email protected]>

      Full Cast
      Richard Boone ... Captain Stephen Maddocks
      George Hamilton ... Lt. Curtis McQuade
      Luana Patten ... Tracey Hamilton
      Arthur O'Connell ... Sgt. Karl Rodermill
      Charles Bronson ... Trooper Hanna
      Richard Chamberlain ... Lt. Porter
      James Douglas ... Lt. Thomas Gresham
      Tammy Marihugh ... Laurie Detweiler
      Carole Wells ... Camden Yates
      Duane Eddy ... Trooper Eddy
      Slim Pickens ... Trooper Erschick
      Clem Harvey ... Trooper Denton
      Casey Tibbs ... Trooper Baker
      Irene Tedrow ... Mrs. Scarborough
      Marjorie Bennett ... Mrs. Yates
      J. Edward McKinley ... Capt. Alan Scarborough
      Mark Allen ... Cole Daugherty (uncredited)
      John Ayres ... Captain Owen Yates (uncredited)
      Ray Dawe ... Paymaster (uncredited)
      Alice Foote ... Wife (uncredited)
      Frank Gerstle ... Trooper Drortmander (uncredited)
      Darlene Hendricks ... Daughter (uncredited)
      Carol Henry ... Trooper Hart (uncredited)
      Kenner G. Kemp ... Officer at Party (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      James Warner Bellah

      Original Music
      Harry Sukman

      William W. Spencer

      On the night before the final battle: around the campfire, bottom right,
      ribbed shoe-prints are clearly visible in the dust.
      They were obviously made by modern footwear with synthetic soles.

      Memorable Quotes
      Captain Stephen Maddocks:
      Bachelors make the best soldiers.
      All they have to lose is their loneliness.

      Filming Locations
      Santa Clarita, California, USA
      Old Tucson - 201 S. Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona, USA
      Sabino Canyon, Tucson, Arizona, USA
      Vasquez Rocks, Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park - 10700 W. Escondido Canyon Rd., Agua Dulce, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Classic Movie Westerns- A Thunder of Drums (1961)

      A Thunder of Drums is a 1961 Western directed by Joseph M. Newman,
      starring Richard Boone, George Hamilton and Luana Patten.

      The movie is notable for starring three well-known actors in relatively minor roles.
      Charles Bronson of Death Wish fame
      and rock musician Duane Eddy star as troopers,
      while Richard Chamberlain portrays Lieutenant Porter.
      Slim Pickens and Arthur O'Connell also had roles.

      I watched this movie initially, because as a teenager I was
      a huge Duane Eddy fan.
      However besides that, thought it an enjoyable film

      User Reviews
      Richard Boone's interpretation compared with John Wayne, 7 December 2004
      Author: krc-1 from Sheffield, England

      This movie is interesting, as the two central characters played by Richard Boone and George Hamilton are,in the story by James Warner Bellah, Capt. Nathan Brittles and Lt. Clint Cohill, who appear in the John Ford classic 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon'. John Wayne's gruff but fatherly character contrasts with Boone's gruff but miserable martinet. We also know (or may infer) from 'Ribbon' that it is Cohill's father,General Cohill, who has blocked Brittles's promotion. Hence the 'attitude'. Boone's character could have been played more sympathetically, but he does come across as an experienced old hand who outwits his Apache foe and in the process teaches valuable lessons to his protege.

      11 May 2002
      Author: JoeytheBrit

      I watched this movie expecting to see a run-of-the-mill second-feature western, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover something of a gem. While this is by no means a classic, it does possess an intelligent script, nicely paced plot, great location photography, and assured direction from old hand Joseph M. Newman.

      The story primarily concerns the conflict between the captain of a cavalry outpost, and a newly assigned lieutenant. Richard Boone, as the gruff, fiery-tempered captain, is nothing short of a revelation. Boone has never really made much of an impression on me in the movies of his that I have seen, but in this one he is truly outstanding, and completely convincing. Hamilton, always a lightweight actor, becomes part of the scenery in their shared scenes. In fact, Hamilton's acting is a little flat in places, especially in his final scene with Luana Patten.

      This movie also boasts quite an impressive cast: Boone, Arthur O' Connell, Charles Bronson, Richard Chamberlain, Slim Pickens, Duane Eddy(!). Be sure to catch this one if it resurfaces on TV.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Classic Movie Westerns- A Thunder of Drums (1961)

      Ethan, great idea to highlight this little known film. In another post, Ringo pointed out that it's available in widescreen from WB's burn to order catalog.
      This was a tough film for 1961 and still packs a punch. Boone's character is memorable. Bronson had not hit it big, even though he had been in "The Magnificent Seven" in 1960. He was still playing roles on TV at this time so his appearance here in a minor role is understandable.
      The Ford trilogy got me hooked on cavalry pictures and although this is not on a par with any of Ford's work, it merits viewing.

      We deal in lead, friend.