2013 Oscars

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      I think you're right, but according to the critics over this side the film is very long and wordy but although I haven't seen it I believe Daniel Day Lewis gives a fantastic performance.
      Les Miserables (or the glums as it is called here) is also overlong and almost entirely singing, some of the film especially the docking sequence was shot in Portsmouth Dockyard.


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      I have seen Lincoln and Les Miserables and I do think Lincoln will clean up -- it's pure Oscar bait. It also happens to be a fabulous film so for the first time in the longest time I think the film that will win also deserves to win. Daniel Day Lewis is incredible.

      Les Miserables is a slog but then I never liked that musical -- however Tom Hooper's leaden direction did not help. I can't believe he got a nomination for direction. I saw it mainly because I adore Hugh Jackman (I've seen him live several times and he's even better in the theater -- film doesn't really capture his electrifying on-stage presence) though I have to admit Hugh does NOT have the right voice for Valjean and he really struggles with a lot of the singing. ;(
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      I'll go with:
      Best Picture - Les Miserables
      Actor - Daniel Day Lewis
      Actress - Jessica Chastain
      Director - Stephen Spielberg
      Sup. Actor - Christophe Walz
      Sup. Actress- Sally Field

      I think "serious" musicals have always struck a cord with the academy voters, so I think it'll be a split with Lincoln getting best director, but LM getting best pic.
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      may2 wrote:

      Here is an interesting article about how they decide who gets included on the obituary segment of the Oscars,


      Interesting, and it does appear they have more trouble selecting these,
      then who wins the Oscars!
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