The Challenge of Chance (1919)

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    • The Challenge of Chance (1919)



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      A ranch foreman innocently works for a crooked horse dealer.
      When he discovers the truth about his boss, and about
      the boss's plans to rob a young woman,
      the foreman quits his job and offers his services to the young woman.
      The task she presents him is to rescue her herd of
      Kentucky thoroughbred horses from the
      crooked dealer's bandits.
      Written by Jim Beaver

      Full Cast
      Jess Willard ... Joe Bates
      Arline Pretty ... Fay Calvert
      Al Hart ... Charles Burr (as Albert Hart)
      Lee Hill ... Bob Edmunds
      Harry von Meter ... El Capitan (as Harry Van Meter)

      Writing Credits
      (in alphabetical order)
      Roy Somerville screenplay
      Roy Somerville story

      Eddie James
      Leo Rossi
      Arthur L. Todd

      Filming Locations
      Bruton studios, Los Angeles, California, USA
      Chicago, Illinois, USA
      Mission Inn - 3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, California, USA
      Riverside, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • The Challenge of Chance - 1919

      My grandfather, Jess Willard (Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, 1915-1919) starred in this forgettable silent film.
      • 1919-1.1.JPG

        59.14 kB, 500×622, viewed 33 times
      • 1919-1.4.jpg

        87.74 kB, 568×1,019, viewed 23 times
      • 1919-16.2.JPG

        96.24 kB, 658×722, viewed 33 times
      • 1919-19.1.JPG

        39.82 kB, 550×434, viewed 30 times
      • 1919-19.3.JPG

        69.26 kB, 550×440, viewed 35 times
      • 1919-21.1.jpg

        93.26 kB, 550×442, viewed 26 times
      • 1919-23.jpg

        43.64 kB, 550×362, viewed 25 times
      • 1919-25.jpg

        40.75 kB, 550×433, viewed 35 times
      • 1919-27.jpg

        75.25 kB, 550×444, viewed 24 times

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    • Re: The Challenge of Chance - 1919

      Additional photos
      • 1919-14.1.JPG

        60.65 kB, 550×705, viewed 33 times
      • 1919-1.2.JPG

        54.96 kB, 500×437, viewed 28 times
      • 1919-26.jpg

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    • Re: The Challenge of Chance - 1919

      Very cool. It looks like your grandfather had a pretty good size to him.


      I just looked him up. Pretty good size, I said? He was 6 foot, 6 inches. That's a real good size. lol
      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

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    • Re: The Challenge of Chance - 1919

      Great pics Jim,
      thanks for posting them.

      As a tribute to your Grandfather
      I have profiled the movie in
      the following post

      Here is
      Jess Willard- Wikipedia
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: The Challenge of Chance - 1919

      Well, thought I would let Jim tell all about that, but, hopefully he will relate the other movie he was in. I believe Jess began as a cowboy, but not sure. I am trying to track down the two movies for Jim through my film historian friend here in NC. KEITH Jim has pictures and videos that I hope he will share with us also.....what say, Jim? KEITH
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE
    • Re: The Challenge of Chance - 1919

      Didn't see the last posts below. My email link took me to the other posts. This one only has one page, LOL, so will have to go back to the other one and see if I missed anything there. KEITH
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE
    • Re: The Challenge of Chance - 1919

      I see, the times were a bit mixed up in the transfer. No big deal....just wondered why I didn't see all those posts when I posted this, I know, LOL. KEITH
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE
    • Re: The Challenge of Chance - 1919

      I forgot to add: Why did the Challenge of Chance pictures end up in a different section that the text I sent along with it? I didn't mean to do that. Don't remember that happenig before... Or is thast just the way this all works anyway????
    • Re: The Challenge of Chance - 1919

      Wow, Jim, hope you are poisoning? Glad to know you can type again. Should have my new phone tomorrow......look for a call then, LOL!

      JamesMace wrote:

      I will post "The Heart Punch" poster later, when I have time. Was seriously ill on Monday and had to go to Emergency.
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

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