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  • Stay away from: Yellowneck--it has a no name cast--no budget, no acting talent and almost no story. Its a story of 5 or 5 confederates who escape the yankee PW camp they were in--escaping into the Everglades--and wind up getting into trouble with the Seminole Indians. The story was stupid (had their been a real cast, real money spent and the movie made by people who knew how to make movies, it might have been good) but--it was a complete waste of time. The movie stills ive seen from the movie are the best thing about the movie.

    One I have not seen mentioned (but could be somewhere) is: A Time For Killing w/ Glenn Ford, Harry Dean Stanton and a young Harrison Ford. Oh and also has whats-his-face? the guy who played Jethro Bodine in: The Beverly Hillbillies--in it.

    Another I liked was: Escape From Fort Bravo w/ Williams: Holden, Demarest, Campbell and John Forsythe.

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  • Here is another one for you that was good though is now--sadly--a public domain movie. It is: Drums of the Deep South w/ Guy Madison and Barton Maclane. I thought it was a pretty good movie as it depicts a group of Confederate Artillerymen who are trying to stop some Yank trains and Guy Madison plays a Yank Cav officer while Barton Maclane is a Sergeant in the Confederate Artillery.

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  • Here is another that comes to mind and is a favorite of mine called: The Last Outpost w/ Bruce Bennett, Ronald Reagan & Noah Beery Jr. Its a film about the Civil War on the Western Front--and Reagan is in command of the Confederate Cavalry and Bruch Bennett--his older brother--is in command of the yankee forces. They band together later on to stop the Apaches Indians.

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  • Thank you Keith. I found a source for some nice images from both those movies--but I cant afford them yet. Ill try getting a few from both probably around May--after I recover a bit from the rifle purchase ;-))

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