Forty Guns (1957)

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    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    An authoritarian rancher, Barbara Stanwyck, who rules an Arizona county
    with her private posse of hired guns.
    When a new marshall arrives to set things straight, the cattle queen finds herself falling,
    brutally for the avowedly non-violent lawman.
    Both have itchy-fingered brothers, a female gunman enters the picture, and things go desperately wrong. Written by Anonymous

    Full Cast
    Barbara Stanwyck ... Jessica Drummond
    Barry Sullivan ... Griff Bonnell
    Dean Jagger ... Sheriff Ned Logan
    John Ericson ... Brockie Drummond
    Gene Barry ... Wes Bonnell
    Robert Dix ... Chico Bonnell
    Jidge Carroll ... Barney Cashman
    Paul Dubov ... Judge Macy
    Gerald Milton ... Shotgun Spanger
    Ziva Rodann ... Rio
    Hank Worden ... Marshal John Chisum
    Neyle Morrow ... Wiley
    Chuck Roberson ... Howard Swain
    Chuck Hayward ... Charlie Savage
    Sandy Wirth ... Chico's Girlfriend (as Sandra Wirth)
    Eve Brent ... Louvenia Spanger
    Eddie Parks ... Sexton (uncredited)

    Original Music
    Harry Sukman

    Joseph F. Biroc

    Condemned in the US because of its brutal handling of the narrative, but praised in Europe for its stylistic vigor.

    Barbara Stanwyck's stunt woman refused to allow herself to be dragged along a street by a horse, saying that it was too dangerous. Without further ado Stanwyck did it by herself. She got some bruises and scrapes, but was okay. At that time Stanwyck was 49 years old.

    Although the on-screen credit for Eve Brent reads "and introducing", actually she had already appeared in several earlier films as Jean Ann Lewis.

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  • Forty Guns is a 1957 CinemaScope western film written and directed
    by Samuel Fuller and released by the 20th Century Fox studio.
    The film stars Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan and Gene Barry.

    User Review


    It 's a must see for Western fans and cult movies lovers
    23 June 2006 | by ma-cortes

    Jessicca Drummond ( Barbara Stanwick ) is an untameable owner who rules over a small city in Arizona county . The cattle queen is supported by a little army formed by forty gunfighters . Her power will be modified in arriving the Bonnell brothers ( Barry Sullivan, Gene Evans and Dix ). One of them ( Sullivan ) is proclaimed sheriff and his vision from law and justice differs quite of Jessica Drummond and her brother ( John Erikson ), a young gunman eager to take up a life of crime .

    This is a magnificent Western plenty of violence , hatred ,gun-play, an impossible love a word : emotion , besides it contains effective action sequences as the raid on the small town . Of course , there are ritual shootouts among gunslingers confronting each other in some quick-draw duels in the accepted Western movie fashion , but this time with no observing the honorable ¨ Code of the west ¨ . The showdown isn't the usual because of it is developed of strangest manner and no habitual rules , just like is seen at the initial and final feud . The film has exciting and captivating images as when Barbara Stanwick appears riding in her white stallion with his forty henchmen worn in black and in column( just like Alibaba and the forty thieves from ¨Thousand and one nights¨ book ) and strange images of a dead man on the showcase with the caption : murdered by Bonell brothers and shot in back . Furthermore , it packs a sensational black and white cinematography by Joseph Biroc . The film gets excellent edition by Gene Fowler , he is a famous editor and occasionally director of Western and Sci-Fi ( I married a monster from outer space , I was a teenage wolf ). Samuel Fuller direction is inspired , he directed other three especial Western ( Run of the arrow , Baron the Arizona , I shot Jesse James ). But ¨ Forty guns ¨ is the best , he realized a thrilling and fascinating story , nowadays converted in an essential and indispensable cult movie. Rating : Better than average. Wholesome watching .

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