The Hired Hand (1971)

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    • The Hired Hand (1971)



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Harry Collings returns home to his farm after drifting with his friend, Arch.
      His wife, who had given up on him, reluctantly allows him to stay,
      and soon believes that all will be well again.
      But then Harry has to make a difficult decision regarding his loyalties and priorities.
      Written by Steve Harkins

      Full Cast
      Peter Fonda ... Harry Collings
      Warren Oates ... Arch Harris
      Verna Bloom ... Hannah Collings
      Robert Pratt ... Dan Griffen
      Severn Darden ... McVey
      Rita Rogers ... Mexican Woman
      Ann Doran ... Mrs. Sorenson
      Ted Markland ... Luke
      Owen Orr ... Mace
      Al Hopson ... Bartender
      Megan Denver ... Janey Collings
      Michael McClure ... Plummer
      Gray Johnson ... Will
      Len Marsal (as Len Marcel)
      Larry Hagman ... Sheriff (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Alan Sharp

      Original Music
      Bruce Langhorne

      Vilmos Zsigmond

      After the success of Easy Rider, Universal Pictures hit upon the idea of letting young filmmakers
      make "semi-independent" films for low budgets in hopes of generating similar profits.
      The idea was to make five movies for low budgets ($1 million or less),
      not interfere in the filmmaking process and give the directors final cut.
      The other movies were: The Last Movie, Taking Off, Silent Running, American Graffiti.

      Jane Fonda suggested Lee Grant for the role of Hannah.

      Voted best film of the year 1971 by the magazine "Films and Filming".

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Cabezon, New Mexico, USA
      Chama, New Mexico, USA
      Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Classic Movie Westerns- The Hired Hand (1971)

      The Hired Hand is a 1971 American western film directed by Peter Fonda,
      with a screenplay by Alan Sharp.
      The film stars Fonda, Warren Oates, and Verna Bloom.
      The cinematography was by Vilmos Zsigmond, and Bruce Langhorne provided the moody film score.
      The story is about a man returning to his abandoned wife after seven years
      of drifting from job to job throughout the southwest.
      The embittered woman will only let him stay if he agrees to move in as a hired hand.

      Upon release, the film received a mixed critical response and was a financial failure.
      In 1973, the film was shown on NBC-TV in an expanded version,
      but soon drifted into obscurity, and was not issued on home video format until 2001,
      when, following critically acclaimed showings of a fully restored version at various film festivals,
      it was released by the Sundance Channel on DVD.

      User Review
      Practically the definition of "neglected masterpiece"...
      22 April 2004 | by JDWalley (Maple Valley, Washington)

      I saw the last half or so of this film many years ago, on a small black-and-white television. Even then, I was impressed by a film I had only heard described as a commercial flop and a come-down after "Easy Rider." Maybe people were expecting another "counter-cultural" demythologizing of America's past, as was common in those days, and didn't know what to make of a surprisingly traditional and sensitive drama about loyalty, love, and the desire for new horizons versus the call of home.

      Finally, thanks to the 30th Anniversary restoration, I was able to see the entire work, and was not disappointed. Not only is this a well-told and -acted drama, it's easily one of the most stunning-looking films I've ever seen. Nor is it merely "pretty photography," but key to the inner life of the characters, in that you can see how one could be drawn by such beauty into either wandering off through the world in search of new wonders, or returning to those which you've already known.

      It's a shame, to me, that Peter Fonda only went on to direct two more (relatively obscure) films. In a decade now recognized as one of the greatest in American filmmaking, "The Hired Hand" is worthy of being considered among the classics.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Classic Movie Westerns- The Hired Hand (1971)

      I gave this film a look a few months ago. I was left feeling like I wasted my day. The story premise is good, but the film never made it to good. Dull is more of a word I would use for it. You could tell it was made on the cheap. It goes on my "won't watch again" list, for sure.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Re: Classic Movie Westerns- The Hired Hand (1971)

      The 70's were the "experimental era" for westerns without doubt.They were so many different styles presenting the west...and that was something fresh for the genre.

      Personally I like this one very match.Psychedelic pictures accompanied by smooth country timbres.Fonda and Oates have very good chemistry and it is difficult for me that Verna Bloom appeared only here and in ''High Plains Drifter''.She was pretty good in westerns.

      I can relax with this one...
      Break the law and he's the last man you want to see. And the last you ever will.