A Time For Killing (1967)

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    • A Time For Killing (1967)

      aka The Long Ride Home



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      During the Civil War Confederate soldiers escape from a Union prison
      and head for the Mexican border.
      Along the way they kill a Union courier who has a message that the war is over.
      Keeping the message a secret, the Captain has his men go on
      and they soon find themselves in a battle with the Union search party
      who also is unaware of the war's end.
      Written by Maurice VanAuken

      Full Cast
      Inger Stevens ... Emily Biddle
      Glenn Ford ... Maj. Tom Wolcott
      Paul Petersen ... Blue Lake
      Timothy Carey ... Billy Cat
      Kenneth Tobey ... Sgt. Cleehan
      Richard X. Slattery ... Cpl. Paddy Darling
      Harrison Ford ... Lt Shaffer (as Harrison J. Ford)
      Kay E. Kuter ... Owelson
      Dick Miller ... Zollicoffer
      Emile Meyer ... Col. Harries
      Marshall Reed ... Stedner
      George Hamilton ... Capt. Dorrit Bentley
      Max Baer Jr. ... Sgt. Luther Liskell (as Max Baer)
      Todd Armstrong ... Lt. 'Pru' Prudessing
      Duke Hobbie ... Lt. Frist
      Harry Dean Stanton ... Sgt. Dan Way (as Dean Stanton)
      James Davidson ... Little Mo
      Charlie Briggs ... Sgt. Kettlinger
      Craig Curtis ... Bagnef
      Jay Ripley ... Cpl. Timothy Dwight Lovingwood
      Dean Goodhill ... Bruce
      Peter Ford ... (uncredited)
      Eddie Smith ... Union Soldier (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Nelson Wolford (novel "The Southern Blade") and
      Shirley Wolford (novel "The Southern Blade")
      Halsted Welles

      Original Music
      Mundell Lowe

      Kenneth Peach

      Harry Joe Brown wrote a personal check to Columbia Pictures for $1,000,000
      to cover the costs of going over budget.

      First credited film role of Harrison Ford.

      Early on, the Union and Confederate troopers are armed with single shot breech loading carbines, but in the final battle scene, all of a sudden, everyone is armed with Winchester repeating rifles that do not exist in 1865.

      Revealing mistakes
      When Emily tries to escape horseback, and hits Capt Bentley with a sword, the blade can be seen bending and flopping.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Kanab, Utah, USA
      Old Tucson - 201 S. Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona, USA
      Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Civil War Movies- The Long Ride Home (1967)

      A Time for Killing is a 1967 Western film started by Roger Corman
      but finished by Phil Karlson, and starring Glenn Ford, George Hamilton,
      Inger Stevens and a young Harrison Ford in his first credited film role

      The film is sentimentally significant as Glenn Ford's one hundredth film.

      User Review
      Weak western
      4 December 2003 | by Wizard-8 (Victoria, BC)

      Despite his advancing age, Glenn Ford made a number of westerns during this period, this one being one of his weakest. It does have an eccentric cast, most notably George Hamilton, who doesn't fit at well here. It's not that he can't act, but his look and demeanor come off a bit too "nice" for a character who should be meaner and grittier. Oddly, he has much more screen time than Ford, though maybe that's for the best since Ford seems a bit bored and uninterested in the little we see of him. It's not like the script is inspired or anything, giving us weak characters, unfunny comic relief (despite some brutality shown or implied several times), and even offensive racial stereotypes. Not to mention an underwhelming ending that at the same time feels unfinished. The production quality is also surprisingly cheap and sloppy at times, not just with some incredibly bad editing, but with obvious post-production shots and sequences shot in a studio instead of outdoors on location. Probably wasn't the inspiration for the movie "The Hunting Party" made several years later, but who knows.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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