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    • Re: John Wayne Stock Company

      Someone to add to the list, apparently one of the nicest gentle giants ever. Most remembered from wielding a machete in Big Jake, was also in Chisum so meets the JWSC two movie criteria.

      He was in at least 4 other JW movies including 'The Shootist' one of the unsung character actors, probably because he mostly played a 'baddy' and one of the few still alive.

      His name is Gregg Palmer.
    • Re: John Wayne Stock Company

      Russ Brown wrote:

      It would be so cool if someone made a video of Gregg and Ethan being reunited, that must have been a scary scene for such a young man to be in.

      Thanks, now included
      Gregg Palmer- 2 (Actor)
      Best Wishes
      London- England