A Southern Yankee (1948)

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    • A Southern Yankee (1948)

      aka My Hero



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Aubrey Filmore (Red Skelton) is a bumbling bellboy in a Missouri town who pesters the Union officers there;
      he desperately wants to be a spy for the North in the American Civil War.
      When Filmore accidentally waylays an infamous Confederate spy known as
      "The Grey Spider" and is mistaken for him by the Rebels, the Union brass see it as an opportunity
      for real espionage - and though Filmore is a coward as well as a fool, his real motivation for derring-do
      is a sweet Southern girl named Sallyann, whom he will see again behind Southern lines.
      Written by Gary Dickerson

      Full Cast
      Red Skelton ... Aubrey Filmore
      Brian Donlevy ... Kurt Devlynn
      Arlene Dahl ... Sallyann Weatharby
      George Coulouris ... Maj. Jack Drumman aka The Grey Spider
      Lloyd Gough ... Capt. Steve Lorford
      John Ireland ... Capt. Jed Calbern
      Minor Watson ... Gen. Watkins
      Charles Dingle ... Col. Weatherby
      Art Baker ... Col. Clifford M. Baker
      Reed Hadley ... Fred Munsey
      Arthur Space ... Mark Haskins
      Joyce Compton ... Hortense Dobson
      Byron Foulger ... Mr. Duncan (scenes deleted)
      Edward Gargan ... Male Nurse (scenes deleted)
      Bert Moorhouse ... Capt. Jeffreys (scenes deleted)
      Addison Richards ... Dr. Clayton (scenes deleted)
      Pierre Watkin ... Major (scenes deleted)
      Richard Alexander ... Bartender (uncredited)
      Stanley Andrews ... Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
      Shelby Bacon ... Boy (uncredited)
      Louise Beavers ... Laundry Woman (uncredited)
      Stephen Bennett ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Lane Chandler ... Sentry (uncredited)
      Cliff Clark ... Confederate Doctor (uncredited)
      Harry Cording ... Guerrilla Horseman (uncredited)
      Jeff Corey ... Union Cavalry Sergeant (uncredited)
      Wade Crosby ... Guerrilla Raider in Saloon (uncredited)
      George DeNormand ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Sam Flint ... Confederate Officer (uncredited)
      Christian J. Frank ... Guerrilla Raider in Saloon (uncredited)
      Frank Hagney ... Horseman (uncredited)
      Henry Hall ... Thadeus Drumman (uncredited)
      Paul Harvey ... Plaza Hotel Manager (uncredited)
      Drexle Bobbie Haywood ... Boy (uncredited)
      Weldon Heyburn ... Confederate Officer (uncredited)
      John Hilton ... Orderly (uncredited)
      James Horne ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Bill Kennedy ... Lt. Sheve (uncredited)
      Paul Kruger ... Guerrilla Raider in Saloon (uncredited)
      Jack Lee ... Confederate Officer (uncredited)
      James Logan ... Guerrilla Raider in Saloon (uncredited)
      Ian MacDonald ... Hospital Orderly (uncredited)
      George Magrill ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Allen Mathews ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Kermit Maynard ... Guerrilla Horseman (uncredited)
      Frank McGrath ... Dispatch Rider (uncredited)
      Walter Merrill ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      John Merton ... Guerrilla Horseman (uncredited)
      Howard M. Mitchell ... Guerrilla Raider in Saloon (uncredited)
      Ralph Montgomery ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Ben Moselle ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Forbes Murray ... Confederate Officer (uncredited)
      David Newell ... Sentry (uncredited)
      Paul Newlan ... Man with Saber (uncredited)
      Rod O'Connor ... Maj. Grigsby (uncredited)
      Garry Owen ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      William 'Bill' Phillips ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Buddy Roosevelt ... Courier (uncredited)
      Gene Roth ... Guerrilla Raider in Saloon (uncredited)
      Ralph Sanford ... Plaza Hotel Carriage Driver (uncredited)
      Carl Saxe ... Sentry (uncredited)
      David Sharpe ... Confederate Officer (uncredited)
      Dick Simmons ... Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
      Susan Simon ... Jenny (uncredited)
      Buster Slaven ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Ann Staunton ... Nurse (uncredited)
      Jack Stoney ... Guerrilla Raider in Saloon (uncredited)
      Glenn Strange ... Guerrilla Raider in Saloon (uncredited)
      William Tannen ... Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
      Marcus Turk ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Ralph Volkie ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Dick Wessel ... Hospital Orderly (uncredited)
      Robert J. Wilke ... Confederate Soldier Ordering Cease Fire (uncredited)
      Harry Wilson ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Harry Woods ... Dentist (uncredited)
      Jack Worth ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Duke York ... Confederate Guard (uncredited)
      Victor Zimmerman ... Guerrilla Raider in Saloon (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Melvin Frank story
      Buster Keaton uncredited
      Norman Panama story
      Harry Tugend writer

      Original Music
      David Snell
      Robert Franklyn (uncredited)

      Ray June

      No one could figure out a simple, yet funny way to get Aubrey out of the house
      when he was being held captive by the angry dog. Buster Keaton, employed by MGM
      as a roving gag man, was called to the set, looked at the set up, and came up
      with the idea of removing the door hinges and letting the dog in as Aubrey got out.
      The most famous gag in the movie took Keaton all of five minutes to devise.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA

      Watch this Clip

      A Southern Yankee

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Civil War Movies- A Southern Yankee (1948)

      A Southern Yankee (1948) is an American comedy film, directed by Edward Sedgwick,
      starring Red Skelton and Arlene Dahl, and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

      A semi-remake of Buster Keaton's The General (1927), Skelton plays a Union soldier
      who spies for the Confederacy during the American Civil War.
      Keaton served as technical adviser on the film.

      User Review
      Waving a two-sided flag
      13 January 2002 | by Murph-17

      Contrary to popular belief, A SOUTHERN YANKEE is NOT a remake of Buster Keaton's 1927 silent
      Both films take place during the American Civil War and include gags devised by Keaton --
      other than that, there's little resemblance.
      (The only remake of THE GENERAL is Walt Disney's 1956 THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE.)
      YANKEE's story, by the writing team of Panama and Frank, was later recycled in part for
      THE COURT JESTER (1956, also by Panama and Frank -- and starring Danny Kaye).

      Keaton's contributions to YANKEE include his suggestion to the producer that the opening scenes
      be toned down in order to make Red Skelton's character more sympathetic;
      the memorable two-sided flag gag (derived from a two-sided costume gag Keaton used in his silent days);
      some of the climactic chase sequence (a gag with a horse and a dress is lifted directly from Keaton's
      1923 OUR HOSPITALITY); and, presumably, the acrobatic dentist sequence and, very likely,
      the astonishing scene involving a 19th century "lawn mower" and a land mine.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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