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  • John Wayne Stock Company- Production Crew

    Production Crew

    This is a list of the Cinematographers, Producers, Duke's Family
    that appeared or contributed more than once
    in the movies that Duke Produced and Starred.

    In the late 1940's, Republic were in fear of losing their top box office draw,
    and were slowly giving Duke more freedom, to produce his own movies.
    Duke chose two modest westerns, for his first movies as a
    John Wayne Production

    During 1951-1958, (besides movies he starred in),
    Duke produced several films, under the
    Wayne/Fellows Productions name
    which later became
    Batjac Productions

    Duke also used on occasions, some of his 'Pals'
    to work on his Wayne/ Fellow, Batjac Productions.

    Duke employed cinematographer
    William H.Clothier in seven out of ten of those movies

    Duke's brother Robert E.Morrison,
    was used in Production rolls in 3 of the movies,
    Duke starred in.
    He was also co-producer for Duke
    in 5 Wayne/Fellows, Batjac Productions

    For more information:-
    Duke's Movie Productions

    Pals Of The Camera
    William H.Clothier (Cinematography) -10
    Archie Stout (Cinematography) - 5
    Winton C.Hoch (Cinematography)
    Bert Glennon (Cinematography)

    Pals Of Production
    Michael Wayne (Producer/ Associate Producer/ First Assistant Director: second unit) -9
    James Edward Grant (Screenplays/ Associate producer) -6

    Robert Fellows (Associate Producer-Wayne/Fellows. Batjac Productions)-4
    Robert E. Morrison (Duke's brother)( Producer cordinate, Assistant Director)- 3

    The movies that were produced by and starred Duke
    McQ (1974) - (Batjac/Levy-Gardner/WB)
    Cahill: United States Marshall (1973)- (Batjac/WB)
    The Train Robbers (1973) - (Batjac/WB)
    Big Jake (1971) - (Batjac-National General for Cinema Centre)
    Chisum (1970) - (Batjac/WB)
    The Green Berets (1968)- (Batjac/WB/Seven Arts)
    The War Wagon (1967) - (Marvin-Schwartz/Batjac/Universal)
    Cast A Giant Shadow (1966) - (Mirisch-Lenroc-Batjac/UA)
    McLintock! (1963) - (Batjac/UA)
    The Alamo (1960) - (Batjac/UA)
    Blood Alley (1955) - (Batjac/WB)
    The High and the Mighty (1954) - (Wayne-Fellows/WB)
    Hondo (1953) - (Wayne-Fellows/WB)
    Island in the Sky (1953) - (Wayne-Fellows/WB)
    Big Jim McLain (1952) - (Wayne-Fellows/WB)
    The Fighting Kentuckian (1949) - (John Wayne Productions/ Republic)
    Angel and the Badman (1947) - (John Wayne Productions/ Republic)

    Batjac Productions are uncredited on Rio Lobo
    This really does not meet the criteria of this list.
    We wish to profile artists that we believe were in movies
    that Duke had ultimate control in the selection of the cast and crew.

    Any discussion please post here
    John Wayne Stock Company
    Best Wishes
    London- England

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