Breakthrough (1950)

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    • Breakthrough (1950)


      Information from IMDb

      Full Cast
      David Brian ... Capt. Tom Hale
      John Agar ... Lt. Joe Mallory
      Frank Lovejoy ... Sgt. Pete Bell
      William Campbell ... Cpl. Danny Dominick (as Bill Campbell)
      Paul Picerni ... Pvt. Edward P. Rojeck
      Greg McClure ... Pvt. Frank Finley
      Richard Monahan ... Pvt. 'Four-Eff' Nelson
      Edward Norris ... Sgt. Roy Henderson (as Eddie Norris)
      Matt Willis ... Pvt. Jimbo Hollis
      Dick Wesson ... Pvt. Sammy Hansen
      Suzanne Dalbert ... Collette
      William Self ... Pvt. George Glasheen
      Danny Arnold ... Pvt. Rothman
      Danni Sue Nolan ... Lt. Janis King
      Howard Negley ... Lt. Col. John Lewis
      Helene Bank ... American Nurse
      André Charlot
      Ed Hinton
      Eric Hoeg
      Thomas Alvarez ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Robert Andrade ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Ralph Anthony ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Janet Barrett ... Sniper (uncredited)
      John Bartha ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      George Baxter ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Stanton Becket ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Doug Carlson ... Soldier (uncredited)
      James Cochran ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Alvin Cummings ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Jacob Ehni ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Bette Eschenberg ... Civilian (uncredited)
      Emil P. Eschenburg ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Charlotte Ferguson ... Civilian (uncredited)
      Eva Freudenburg ... Civilian (uncredited)
      Irene Gordon ... Civilian (uncredited)
      Ransom Haig ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Howard Kinne ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Thomas Knight ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      John J. Lockett ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Helene London ... Mildred (uncredited)
      Drue Mallory ... Betsy (uncredited)
      Marilyn Mau ... Civilian (uncredited)
      Bruce Morgan ... Soldier (uncredited)
      Alma Randall ... Civilian (uncredited)
      James T. Root ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Mary Root ... Civilian (uncredited)
      Lloyd Rubbelke ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Charles Russell ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Joseph Seanz ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)
      Wilma Van Fleet ... Civilian (uncredited)
      Catherine Walker ... Civilian (uncredited)
      Joan Winfield ... English Barmaid (uncredited)
      Everet Youngs ... U.S. Soldier (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Joseph Breen story (as Joseph I. Breen Jr.)
      Bernard Girard
      Ted Sherdeman

      Original Music
      William Lava

      Edwin B. DuPar

      This film's opening prologue states:
      "With the American Troops in England. The Spring of 1944."

      In the first scene, we are introduced to the platoon as 1st Platoon.
      Later in the movie, one of the long-time members of the platoon refers to it as 3rd platoon.
      Near the end, it is referred to as 1st platoon again.

      Revealing mistakes
      At one point, a German soldier throws a grenade which explodes at least five feet from where it landed.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Location
      Fort Ord, California, USA

      Watch this Clip

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Classic War Movies- Breakthrough (1950)

      Breakthrough was a 1950 film starring John Agar
      about an American infantry unit in World War II.
      Approximately one-third of the film consists of existing footage.

      User Review
      A solid entertaining war movie, despite Agar's presence
      24 July 2004 | by Chris (Asgardian) (Adelaide, South Australia)

      Like most of Agar's early movies, the surrounding cast were of sufficient quality to hide,
      and even carry, Mr. Shirley Temple.

      The WW2 period featured is one that is usually skipped over, despite the importance and difficulty of that time.
      The Allies were under pressure from a well organised defence, taking full advantage of the local terrain,
      this is all well communicated by this movie.

      Lovejoy, as the cagey experienced Sgt., is a marvel to watch, as his character does for his
      Lt., so he does for Agar, a wonderful fusion of living the role.

      A worthy entry for any war movie buff
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: (New Review) Classic War Movies- Breakthrough (1950)

      Gorch wrote:

      Great score, Ringo. Those kind of stills are kind of hard to come by.
      Thanks for sharing, mi amigo.

      We deal in lead, friend

      Quite welcome Bill and, thats the best comments I can get especially coming from someone with a great eye for images himself ;-))

      Im also thinking on the few from Bataan and Gung Ho I recently found.
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..