Monte Walsh (1970)

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    • Monte Walsh (1970)



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Monte Walsh is an aging cowboy facing the ending days of the Wild West era.
      As barbed wire and railways steadily eliminate the need for the cowboy,
      Monte and his friends are left with fewer and fewer options.
      New work opportunities are available to them,
      but the freedom of the open prairie is what they long for.
      Eventually, they all must say goodbye to the lives they knew,
      and try to make a new start.
      Written by Jean-Marc Rocher

      Full Cast
      Lee Marvin ... Monte Walsh
      Jeanne Moreau ... Martine Bernard
      Jack Palance ... Chet Rollins
      Mitch Ryan ... Shorty Austin (as Mitchell Ryan)
      Jim Davis ... Cal Brennan
      G.D. Spradlin ... Hal Henderson
      John Hudkins ... Sonny Jacobs (as John 'Bear' Hudkins)
      Raymond Guth ... Sunfish Perkins (as Ray Guth)
      John McKee ... Petey Williams
      Michael Conrad ... Dally Johnson
      Tom Heaton ... Sugar Wyman
      Ted Gehring ... Skimpy Eagans
      Bo Hopkins ... Jumpin' Joe Joslin
      John McLiam ... Fightin' Joe Hooker
      Allyn Ann McLerie ... Mary Eagle
      Matt Clark ... Rufus Brady
      Billy Green Bush ... Powder Kent (as Billy Bush)
      Eric Christmas ... Col. Wilson
      Charles Tyner ... Doctor
      Jack Colvin ... Card cheat
      Richard Farnsworth ... Cowboy (as Dick Farnsworth)
      Fred Waugh ... Cowboy
      Henry A. Escalante ... Cowboy (as Blackie Escalante)
      Leroy Johnson ... Marshal
      William Graeff Jr. ... Bartender
      John Carter ... Farmer
      William A. Fraker Jr. ... Farm boy (as Billy Fraker)
      Kurtis Roberts ... Farm boy
      Guy Wilkerson ... Old man
      Roy Barcroft ... Proprietor
      Frank Green ... Bit part (uncredited)
      Mark Headley ... Kid Edward (uncredited)
      Rusty Lee ... Covered Wagon Driver (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      David Zelag Goodman
      Lukas Heller
      Jack Schaefer novel

      Original Music
      John Barry

      David M. Walsh

      Film debut of Eric Christmas.

      Final film of veteran villain Roy Barcroft, who died before its release.

      This is one of only a few occasions where Jack Palance is not cast as a villain.

      Factual errors
      Fightin Joe Hooker, the cowboy riding fence says he rode with Joseph Hooker
      when he led the Army of the Cumberland at the battle of Lookout Mountain during the Civil War.
      General Joseph Hooker did not lead the Army of the Cumberland.
      He was in command of the XI and XII Corps of the Army of the Potomac
      and was sent west to reinforce the Army of the Cumberland,
      which was under the command of general George H. Thomas at the battle of Chattanooga,
      of which the battle of Lookout Mountain was part.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      CBS Studio Center - 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA
      Mescal, Arizona, USA
      Old Tucson - 201 S. Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Classic Movie Westerns- Monte Walsh (1970)

      Monte Walsh is taken from the title of a 1963 western novel by Jack Schaefer.
      The movie has little to do with the plot of Schaefer's book.

      It was directed in 1970 by cinematographer William A. Fraker in his directorial debut,
      and starred Lee Marvin, Jeanne Moreau and Jack Palance.

      The movie was set in Harmony, Arizona.
      A made-for-TV remake was set in Wyoming and directed by
      Simon Wincer, with Tom Selleck and Isabella Rossellini playing the parts of
      Monte and Martine. The story has elements of a tragedy.

      User Review
      An unusual western with a poetic touch
      11 September 2001 | by Jugu Abraham (Trivandrum, Kerala, India)
      This is one of my favorite Westerns.

      Yet, it cannot boast of a gunfight or excessive action that is a trademark of westerns.

      There are several reasons why I love this film. It is a reflective sensitive film,
      with the main character trying to come to terms with change.

      It deals with people and nature--fodder for good poetry.
      That gets a fillip when the director William Fraker, is an accomplished cinematographer.

      Lee Marvin is great when he is brooding and therefore a superb choice.
      Jeanne Moreau is a delight to watch in any film but her performance in this film is one
      I will never forget.
      Yet when I asked Ms Moreau some 15 years after the film was made about this film,
      she didn't even appear to recall the name of William Fraker--but merely referred to him as another
      I have always wondered at that reaction....Jack Palance is another wonderful actor
      who makes this movie great.. In retrospect the casting was superb.

      A good western needs good music.
      This one has one of the finest songs I have heard "the good times are a'coming" by
      Mama Cass Elliot.

      I recommend this film and "Will Penny" as great unusual westerns that touch you if you appreciate good filmmaking--and do not evaluate a western by the action sequences.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Classic Movie Westerns- Monte Walsh (1970)

      Was a good movie. Nice review, Keith.

      Sad though. Don't watch it if you are feeling down. Save it for a time when it can be handled better!

      Everything ends sooner or later. KEITH
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE