Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)

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    • Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)



      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      McCullough is "passing through on my way to Australia" when he takes a job in a gold rush town.
      After a startling display of marksmanship he immediately arrests the youngest son
      of the evil landowner (Danby). A battle of hired guns begins as McCullough
      continues to tame the town and defeat the gunslingers with a combination of skill and wit.
      Written by John Vogel

      Full Cast
      James Garner ... Jason McCullough
      Joan Hackett ... Prudy Perkins
      Walter Brennan ... Pa Danby
      Harry Morgan ... Olly Perkins
      Jack Elam ... Jake
      Henry Jones ... Henry Jackson
      Bruce Dern ... Joe Danby
      Willis Bouchey ... Thomas Devery
      Gene Evans ... Tom Danby
      Walter Burke ... Fred Johnson
      Dick Peabody ... Luke Danby
      Chubby Johnson ... Brady
      Kathleen Freeman ... Mrs. Danvers
      Dick Haynes ... Bartender
      Richard Alden ... (uncredited)
      Robert Anderson ... Man at Kate's Eatery (uncredited)
      Danny Borzage ... Accordionist at Funeral (uncredited)
      Bill Catching ... Brawler at Emma's (uncredited)
      Roydon Clark ... Brawler at Emma's (uncredited)
      Gene Coogan ... Gunman in Saloon (uncredited)
      John Daheim ... Brawler at Emma's (uncredited)
      Duke Fishman ... Townsman (uncredited)
      Richard Hoyt ... Gunfighter Hired by Danby (uncredited)
      Marilyn Jones ... Bordello Girl at Madame Orr's House (uncredited)
      Jack Lilley ... Danby Family Member (uncredited)
      John Milford ... Gunman McCullough throws rocks at (uncredited)
      Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Street Brawler (uncredited)
      Tom Reese ... Gunfighter Shot in Jailhouse by McCullough (uncredited)
      Robert Robinson ... Townsman (uncredited)
      Gayle Rogers ... Bargirl (uncredited)
      Phil Schumacher ... Danby Family Member (uncredited)
      Paul Sorensen ... Man Installing Jail Cell Bars (uncredited)
      William Tannen ... Man in Saloon (uncredited)
      Jack Tornek ... Brawl Spectator (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      William Bowers (written by)

      Original Music
      Jeff Alexander

      Harry Stradling Jr.

      Though not a sequel or related to the original story line, this movie was followed
      by Support Your Local Gunfighter with most of the cast intact playing similar characters.

      The film's title is a parody of a bumper sticker popular around the time it was made,
      "Support Your Local Police" part of the "law-and-order" movement led
      by such politicians as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Wallace.

      Walter Brennan's part is a spoof of his part in My Darling Clementine,
      in which he is head of the Clanton clan.

      In the closing scene of the movie, just before credits, Jack Elam crosses from the middle
      of the street over to the hitch rack in front of the sheriff's office.
      There is a gap between the sheriff's office and the building to the left of it.
      Through the gap there is a fence in the background behind the building sets
      for the movie and just before Elam passes in front of the gap
      you can see the top of a bus passing by on the street behind the fence.

      During the final gun battle, the intact portions of the glass windows
      that the Prudy has broken change from shot to shot.

      During the fight at the beginning of the movie (in the mud),
      those fighting switch between being covered in mud and nearly mud-free.

      After his first encounter with the sheriff, Pa Danby goes into the bar
      and orders whiskey. In each subsequent shot the level in the glass changes.

      Jake (Jack Elams) back pack changes. He is seen with what appears to be a frying pan
      on the back of the pack with Jake carrying his shovel in his hand.
      He flips some dynamite into a stream, and in the next scene is seen wading
      into the stream to get the fish that popped to the surface.
      His pack back now has the shovel tied to the back and no frying pan.

      As they ride into town for the big showdown, We see the Danby clan from the rear.
      The angle changes to a front view and some of the riders have changed position.
      Specifically, the Danby sons are now on either side of Danby, who is still in his same position.

      Before the final shootout, about a dozen Danbys are shown riding into town and dismounting.
      There is a cut to two men walking towards the sheriff's office but when the camera cuts back
      all the horses have now disappeared.

      Revealing mistakes
      During the fight at Emma's, a man gets a plateful of food mashed into his face.
      The "metal" plate folds like a paper plate.

      As the final gunfight begins, thirteen men ride into town to rescue Joe Danby.
      During the fight two are shot down in the street.
      At the end, where Joe is strapped to the cannon, thirteen men are still standing,
      and you can see the bodies of the two men shot by Prudy in the background.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Location
      Iverson Ranch - 1 Iverson Lane, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Classic Movie Westerns- Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)

      Support Your Local Sheriff! is a 1969 American comic western film
      which parodies the often-filmed scenario of an iconoclastic new arrival
      who tames a lawless frontier town.

      Starring James Garner, Joan Hackett, Walter Brennan, Harry Morgan and Jack Elam,
      the film was directed by Burt Kennedy and written by William Bowers.

      A few of Duke's 'Pals' in this one namely,
      Walter Brennan, Jack Elam, Bruce Dern
      Willis Bouchey, Kathleen Freeman, Danny Borzage,
      Boyd 'Red' Morgan

      User Review
      A comedy masterpiece
      7 June 2004 | by cableaddict (United States)

      This film really should be in the IMDB top 50.
      Alas, just as with the Oscars, comedies never get the same respect as other genres.
      It also seems that comedies more quickly feel dated.
      Not this one, however.
      Although it obviously doesn't have today's special effects, and quick-edit
      sensibilities, it still feels almost as if it could be a modern flick.
      It is as perfect as a comedy can be.
      Never a dull moment or lagging scene.
      Excellent screenplay with lots of quick jabs.
      An absolutely perfect cast.
      If you're reading this because you actually haven't seen this flick yet,
      and you like easy-to-digest comedies, you can't miss with this one. Ten stars.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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