Pinned In Memory of Chili Bill

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    • Re: In Memory of Chili Bill

      Kevin wrote:

      I commend your efforts, but have you reached out to Bill's family, maybe his son about doing this? They may find comfort in knowing Bill had shared all this online.

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      That's a great idea Kevin, but I have no idea how to get into contact with them. If anyone knows how to contact Bill's family, please send me a PM with that info. Thanks!
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    • Re: In Memory of Chili Bill

      just read about chill am so sorry that i missed this he was a great man with many intersting stories am so sorry i never got to meet him may he have a wonderful time upstairs.
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      What a blow to hear, my thanks to Colorado Bob for letting me know, I was honored to call him Chili. we started our friendship as with many over tales of the Duke.He had made a move to a different location in Arizona but we managed a few calls each year, He loved to hunt in Colorado and spoke to me about Duane who was big Johns son who also lived in Colorado. I know that there was a big Hooptee Do and I don't want to get it started again. Chili made the offer to come visit him at the 26 had a guest room and would fix me up with some homemade chili! I was even going to get to bring old Colorado Bob with me. spend a few days. and when we left Chili said we would both have a couple of items Duke had given him. I regret to say I never got to make the trip, only goes to prove, you go around but once in this life. when you get the chance to go or do something that is a once in a life time deal. you best do it. I didn't loose a friend, he's dealing cards with Duke, Ward Bond, and Pappy Ford, we'll cross trails someday. My thoughts go to his children and grandchildren. Take care pard.
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    • Re: In Memory of Chili Bill

      This article is about the owners of "Chili Bill, at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe"…hili-bills-barbecue-sauce
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