John Wayne VHS Collection For Sale

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  • John Wayne VHS Collection For Sale

    Hey there everyone,

    I'm doing some cleanup of my collection including getting rid of the last of my VHS tapes and figured I'd let everyone here have a chance to grab them before I list them on eBay.

    I'll let the whole lot go for a fair price. I've attached a few images of the two boxed sets, as well as all of the tapes spread out individually.

    Here's what you get:

    Individual Titles
    • Rio Lobo
    • The Train Robbers
    • Red River
    • She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (The RKO Collection)
    • Tall In The Saddle
    • Big Jake
    • North To Alaska (Foil Lettering)
    • True Grit
    • The Three Musketeers Volume 3 of 4 (Still Sealed)

    John Wayne Film Set (10 VHS Boxed Set In Collectors Cardboard Box)
    • Angel And The Badman
    • Blue Steel
    • The Dawn Rider
    • Hurricane Express
    • The Man From Utah
    • Sagebrush Trail
    • The Star Packer
    • Rand Rides Alone
    • Riders Of Destiny
    • The Trail Beyond

    John Wayne Collectors Series (3 VHS Boxed Set In Collectors Cardboard Box)
    • McLintock
    • The John Wayne Story - The Early Years
    • The John Wayne Story - The Later Years

    All tapes are in great condition and have been cared for well in a smoke free home.

    I'm guessing it will run about $15 to ship the lot via media mail within the US.

    I'm also including a bonus VHS, which doesn't contain the Duke called Guns In The Dark starring Johnny Mack Brown.

    Reply here or shoot me a PM if you're interested.

    Have A Happy Sunday,
    Chris Elliott
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