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  • Searching JW on Ebay will take you hours and hours... but together our members could point out to each other the more interesting finds. If this post gets some reaction, I might even be pinned by our moderators...?

    So I'll jump start you with this one:

    that's a great parody on The Alamo in MAD MAGAZINE, 1961, with great artwork by one of MAD's very best, Mort Drucker. You'll notice that in those early days they tried to be careful: The name John Wayne is never spelled out - it's John WAYDE. Cowards!!!

    (of course, I'm only going to point out JW stuff that I'm not bidding on myself. I'm not stupid, y'know!)
  • itdo,

    this is a good idea, i have to say that for christmas i got a bookmark with alamo cells in it from my sister have to get a frame to put it in now, she got it on ebay australia. they have some good stuff as well

    keep them coming
    cheers smokey
    " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"
  • itdo,

    Sounds like a great idea to me. How would you suggest we divide it up amongst us? As you point out, searching JW stuff could take hours (I know, because I've burnt the midnight oil, and even some daylight, that way myself).

    Not having done it today, I have no offerings . . . :) . And thanks for that Mad magazine tip, my wife loves Mad magazine (sh-h-h-h, don't tell 'er ;) . . . I'm checking it out for her).

    Chester :newyear:
  • HI.
    This sounds a great idea and if it got off the ground the possibilities are endless, for instance in UK we see good thing advertised on American e bay but are unable to buy because the seller is unwilling to ship outside of the states. And i imagine the same holds good in UK.
    Perhaps there might be a way of getting round this?

    Walk Tall - Talk Low
  • maybe if us internationals smile sweetly at our american friends they could collect for us and we could send them oostage to send on to us, just a thought

    cheers smokey
    " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"
  • By the way, most often a friendly email asking the seller if you may bid even if not on US soil helps, I never had problems when I promise to pay all additional shipping cost - which is normal anyway.

    Enjoy the Mad Magazine, I know you'll love it!

    I think we should point out JW things that aren't on every day, but the real finds. Or things we know are normally more expansive, so it might be a good buy for one of us.
    Many Wayne fakes have been on Ebay last year, these might also be interesting to discuss. I could just puke when I see what those buyers pay to get forgery.
  • Darn,'re lucky I didn't catch that one. I just won the Mad Magazine with the parody of The Cowboys off ebay, but didn't see the one with The Alamo. As you know, I put them on my site for others to enjoy. I love Ebay. Got many a good stuff off there. This will be a good thread if it gets pinned. Will give everyone the heads up on stuff. That is, as itdo stated, stuff that I ain't biddin' on, I 'll let you all know about. hee hee. Dukefan1
    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
  • You know, dukefan, I thought of you and your site, and was thinking I could get that parody scanned and send it to you. I'd be happy to share.

    And I agree, I think this is a topic worth pinning - thanks, itdo, for suggesting it and starting this thread. If it seems to pine for lack of interest, it can always be unpinned.

    Chester :newyear:
  • Thanks for the offer, Chester. I will take you up on that. That's the kind of stuff I like to use on my site, the stuff not found elsewhere or a little different then the norm. You're a pal! Dukefan1
    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
  • I know this is a late heads up, but this is your chance to own a movie mug from a John Wayne movie. This one is from McQ. Only going for $35 right now, but only an hour left. Take a look! Dukefan1

    Ooops, had to use the edit button. Forgot the link to the auction. Hee hee. Click here, Mug
    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
  • 35 bucks would certainly not be too much for the mug, but look out: that's not one of the personal mugs Wayne gave out (which sell for around a thousand). Those McQ mugs are a little too often on ebay for my taste...
    The mug doesn't have the golden handle. Also: always look at the bottom for the sign of the maker, Wayne always used the same shop.