Ward bond one of the duke's best pard's

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    • Ward bond one of the duke's best pard's

      Well gang i was thinking, which makes my head hurt of something we all might find a little fun doing, and learn a few things too. About ward bond and the duke.
      As you know ward was one of dukes, best friends through life. From back in dukes college days to the end.
      I just read that duke always considered it luck to play in a movie with ward. So i got to thinking: What if ward hadn't passed on in 1960 but had lived out his life and stared with the duke in some of his later pictures? Intresting huh? That's what i thought.
      So looking at the list of films from 1960 to 1976 i figured out just five (5) movies that ward might have played in. And the role he would have been in.
      So tag here is my five. Now you take the ranes and list your five.

      And to get you going just a small piece of info on mr bond:
      First: Wardell edwin bond was born april 9th, 1903 in benkelman, nebraska lived there until he was 16 when he moved with his family to denver colorado in 1919.
      Ward was 6' 2" and weight 200 pounds.
      Ward passed away in dallas, texas while attending a football game.

      The star of wagon trail which rated #1 in 1959 and 1960 with american viewers all over the us. We lost him at 57 years of age!

      So here is big dukes top (5) movies for ward bond to play in.

      #1 the sons of katie elder.... The town sheriff ( billy)
      #2 true grit............................ Col stonehill
      #3 mcq..................................... Capt kosterman
      #4 the undefeated................... Colonel langdon
      #5 cahill us marshal.............. Sheiff grady

      remeber there's no special order, just pick your 5 and maybe you want to all something to this to add a little more adventure!
      That'll Be the Day!
    • Re: Ward bond one of the duke's best pard's

      I always thought Bruce Cabot was a bit of a "stand in" for Ward in Duke's later films. Ward would have fit in all the parts Bruce did, starting with the Comancheros.