John Wayne Collection Up On eBay

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  • John Wayne Collection Up On eBay

    Hey there everyone,

    I posted previously about my Duke DVD collection going up for sale and offered it here first. I had several people message me, but no one came through with payment.

    I've listed on eBay and if you want a break down of everything, checkout the listing....

    If anyone on the forum here buys through the auction, PM me and I'll include 8-10 extra movies that I purchased off of eBay from a collector. These extra movies are on DVD-R's, but full color printing on disc, full color covers made with original movie posters and in full DVD cases. These were made with available copies of the movies before Olive Films put them out on Bluray. Obviously Olive has better quality, but for the sake of including a bonus if any of my brothers (or sisters) from the forum buy, they are available.

    Chris Elliott