Harris Poll 2014 - and John Wayne is Still There, But Barely

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    • Harris Poll 2014 - and John Wayne is Still There, But Barely

      [FONT=Liberation Serif, serif]The Harris Poll results are in and the top ten have been announced, and once again John Wayne has made the list, but he is steadily dropping towards the bottom. According to the Harris article, “At number 7, dropping one spot, is the only actor who has been on the list since it first began in 1994, John Wayne.” Number 7. Only three from the bottom and only four slots from being off the list altogether. I read an article the other day that said Duke's image is fading from our national consciousness here in America. Could that be true? I certainly hope not. I'm not sure how the Harris people make their decisions as to who is on the list and who isn't, but I believe we owe it to John Wayne to ensure that he remains on that list. However, as one person said, even if he falls off the list, it is doubtful that any other actor will be able to even come close to the record he has of making the list every year – and that starting 15 years after his death![/FONT]

      [FONT=Liberation Serif, serif]You can read the entire Harris article here: [/FONT]harrisinteractive.com/NewsRoom…om%20Default/Default.aspx
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    • Re: Harris Poll 2014 - and John Wayne is Still There, But Barely

      Hard core Duke fans are fading away. I was reading a David Baldacci book last week and one of the European bad guys made a John Wayne reference to a valiant effort by the main character. The main character replied "What rock have you been under for 20 years" or something like that. Duke was only #1 with two groups, political conservatives and the 68+ crowd. I think we have to realize that he is slipping from the American consciousness to a certain extent as those of us who saw him on the big screen fade away. Bottom line is that he has been on this list for 20 years. If there had been such a list all the way back to probably 1954 he would have been on it every year. He's dropped as low as 7th three other times and come back to as high as 3rd, even if he dropped off next year Tom Hanks would still need to stay on the list for another six years to break his record, and Tom Hanks will not still be on the list 35 years after his death. I'll bet my life savings on that one. Of course you will probably have trouble trying to collect on that one since I'll probably move on to the great beyond before he does.