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    • Re: Active Member Check-in

      We're still here and tryin to keep the Duke's Films & Westerns alive!! I just recently had the opportunity to purchase an original Cavalry shirt that was used in several John Ford Films including "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon". I also purchased and gifted Patrick Wayne's pants from "The Searchers" to my Western novel Illustrator Al Bringas. He's doing another South Pacific adventure novel for me along with my 2nd Western novel "T.H. Elkman" that comes out this fall. I know the Duke was an avid reader and found source material for many of his best films through books and articles. I hope to continue making Western films and sharing stories from the Old West period for many years to come. See more of our projects at
      Yer pal,
      Eric H. Heisner
    • Re: Active Member Check-in

      ethanedwards wrote:

      Thank you for your comments Robbie.

      Kevin does still send an email out, requesting members to rejoin us.

      Kevin, Chester, Stumpy, Itdo, Chance and Jay do post very occasionally,
      but The Ringo Kid, disappeared sometime ago, not to return

      I remember The Ringo Kid as being a pretty prolific poster. Did something happen to him or did he just leave? Yes, it has been a while since I last logged in here!
    • Re: Active Member Check-in

      I am alroght and also check in frequently,thank you all. this picture in 1961 at Tokyo was a 20 meter display of Duke.nice picture!…ort-us-home/#.V003d_mLS01
      Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
      ~Steve McQueen~
    • Re: Active Member Check-in

      I get regular lasbugas pictures. It does seem the site has slowed down.
      I watch a duke movie about one a month. Still Great.
      God Bless America.
      "A people that values their Privileges above it's Principles. Soon looses both." Dwight Eisenhower
    • Re: Active Member Check-in

      Howdy, y'all!

      Sorry I haven't been that active, but I'm just not on-line that much! Will try to check in more! I've been busy with my "day job" as on-air tech at a TV station, and indulging in my hobby that combines country music and comedy; been doing some singer/songwriter gatherings around. (I guess I'm a musician/comedian...unless the audience doesn't laugh, then I'm just a musician!)

      Anyway, I'll try to check in and be more active on here! Feel free to come see me on Facebook -I check in only slightly more there than here, but feel free to "friend me" (I hate that phrase!); just look for Zane Smith from Denison, Texas.

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