the bowie knife from the 1960 Alamo

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    • Hi Pat! Welcome to the community. I really have no idea about the knife, but I can say that you have asked the right group of people. Bunch of know it alls around here. :D

      I just wanted to jump in and say hi.
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    • The Bowie knife used in THE ALAMO was one of several originally constructed for the 1952 motion picture, THE IRON MISTRESS, which starred Alan Ladd as Jim Bowie. The knives for that movie were made at the Warner Brothers studio, and included a detailed close-up knife, a light weight aluminum bladed knife for fighting, and several painted rubber knives, probably for throwing.

      One or more of these knives were used by Sterling Hayden, as Bowie, in Republic's 1955 release, THE LAST COMMAND, including a retractable bladed knife that Hayden hurls into a mounted Mexican officer.

      The ADVENTURES OF JIM BOWIE television series (1956-58) also utilized one or more of the IRON MISTRESS knives in the pilot episode. When the series sold, the company produced slightly simplified replicas for Scott Forbes to wield.

      In THE ALAMO, Duke, as Crockett, throws the retractable blade into villain Emil Sande. Most of the time it appears that Richard Widmark, as Bowie, is carrying one of the rubber knives in his scabbard, and it is probably the aluminum bladed knife that is used when a rigid knife is required.

      Many of the original IRON MISTRESS knives are now in the collection of Hollywood artist, historican, and collector, Joseph Musso.

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