wishing everyone a very happy n safe thanksgiving

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    • wishing everyone a very happy n safe thanksgiving

      wishing all of you a very safe and happy thanksgiving. i was alone as my daughter lives
      in OK and am not able to trival yet that far from my baypass suregrys for my heart.
      am still having alot of pain and alot of dizzness cuze of my meds for heart and am having
      another magram done on dec 5th hope i can get it done as they did a biospy on may 11 before my heartcath and it show a spot they have been wanting me to have another one so i did go talk them n told i still have of pain n hurt pain like needles i do miss coming in i have my pc work soon i finely got hosptial paid off. soon another bill will be paid off then i can take my pc into have it worked on. so i have a tablet samung with wfi that i use alot now'. :( my butterball n shadow my cats808x606-butterball n shadow resized.jpg