The Bargirl and the Cowboy

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    • The Bargirl and the Cowboy

      Kevin added a new article:

      The Bargirl and the Cowboy



      Allot goes on in life, allot doesn't go on in life, I mean you get caught up in life and all the noise of daily living that you forget to enjoy your surroundings. You mean to do things, say things, spend time with others, only to turn around and their gone. The last couple of years our community lost two longtime members, @William T Brooks and @arthurarnell, two outstanding men that had shared their life with us here on the JWMB.

      Both joined us early in our history sharing their thoughts on all kinds of subjects from football (both American and the "real football" for the ROTW),NASA, homemade chili, and end it with John Wayne stories. Both helped, and became our friends even if we never met in person. They both are missed and will aways have an account here on the John Wayne Message Board!

      Back in 2008, Arthur posted his "The Bargirl and the Cowboy - (A Christmas Tale by Arthur Arnell)" which he sent to Tim Lilley to be included in his annual "Trail Beyond" publication and over the course of several days that December he posted sections of the story. You can read the original thread here where he introduces the story. BTW, you can catch a few posts from Chilibill cheering him on sprinkled in the thread along with others.…
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