John Wayne #4 on the 2016 Harris Poll

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    • John Wayne #4 on the 2016 Harris Poll

      Kevin added a new article:

      John Wayne #4 on the 2016 Harris Poll



      Every year the Harris Poll publishes the annual America's Favorite Movie Stars poll. This year the poll has Tom Hanks on the top spot followed by Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington.

      Meanwhile, the late John Wayne, who hasn’t appeared in a major release in… well, quite a bit longer, nonetheless remains a mainstay on the list; at No. 4 this year (down from No. 2), the Duke is the only person who has never dropped off of the top 10 in over two decades.

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    • I was at a Christmas show last weekend and came across a dealer selling tin signs. I counted four John Wayne items. I ended up buying two of them. I asked him if he moves allot of John Wayne product and he says he always makes sure he has John Wayne signs with him because they sell at every show he goes to.

      His influence is integrated into so many films and stories its impossible to count them all. I came across the film "Cobra" on cable the other day and noticed in one scene Stallone's character was revealing his full name to his female costar. He said, "Marion Cobretti" ... I just smiled. Stallone is such a big fan, I know that was no accident.