The JWMB Trivia Game #13

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  • 1/ Where is this and what movie?


    2/ Who is this?


    3/ Unscramble to find these Duke movies

    Tribal Eight
    Northeast Briber
    Dental Dough
    Favored Neons

    4/ Who is this and what movie did he make with Duke?


    5/ Who was Duke referring to?

    "Jesus Christ!...I would crawl over the mountains of Beverly Hills on my hands and knees if I could do a movie with ?????"

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Still one question to answer on this one

    1/ Where is this and what movie?

    Only this question left unanswered, OK here's a clue

    it's on the corner of 6th Avenue and 4th Street

    Now here's another clue

    Hooray, it's very close on the way to the ridge

    Best Wishes
    London- England