The JWMB Trivia Game #14

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    • The JWMB Trivia Game #14

      1/ Where is this, and in which movie?


      2/ Who is this, and the 3 Duke movies he was in?


      3/ Who is this?


      4/ Unscramble these Duke Movies

      A Chapter Of
      Heroes Split
      Tenable Thyroid
      Dandy Tangle

      5/ What was Duke's reply??

      During the filming of The Conqueror,
      director Dick Powell was pleased with the stunt work.
      He asked Duke if he thought it was because
      the stunt men were getting better.
      Duke replied:-


      During the filming of The Barbarian And The Geisha,
      Duke kept bumping his head on the low rafters.
      He eventually started walking like a caveman,
      with his arms dangling around his knees.
      Duke said:-


      All the answers to these questions can be found here on the JWMB
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • So far 2 correct answers.

      dukefan1 for the answer to

      Question 1

      Krebs-Peterson House

      Carson City, Washoe County, Nevada.

      Where Duke spent his final days in
      The Shootist


      Kevin is correct with his answer to
      Question 3

      It is Gretchen Wayne, the late Michael Wayne's wife, Head of Batjac..

      Now for the other answers??
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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