The JWMB Trivia Game #17

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    • The JWMB Trivia Game #17

      1/ Who is this, and what movie did she make with Duke?


      2/ Where is this, and part of what Movie was filmed here?


      3/ Unscramble these Duke Movies

      A Taiwan Chats Dogs
      A Slandered Irony
      Feared Gun
      Flashed Tadpoles

      4/ Welcome, Arizona,was the cowtown in which movie?

      5/ Who was Duke referring to?

      "We had a pretty good time together, when she wasn't trying to kill me!"

      "I can tell you why I love her. I have a lust for her dignity.
      I look at her wonderfully classic face,
      and I see hidden in it a sense of humor that I love.
      I think of wonderful, exciting, decent things when I look at her."

      "This is our new man. He's taking over."
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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