Eaves Movie Ranch, New Mexico

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    • Eaves Movie Ranch, New Mexico

      New Mexico

      The Train Robbers
      The Cowboys
      were filmed here

      In 1971 also
      Billy Jack, The Culpepper Cattle Company, Butch & Sundance:
      The Early Days, Gunfighters of the West, Red Sky at Morning,
      Wyatt Earp and more

      North central region of New Mexico,Nearly 30 years ago J. W. Eaves
      built a Western town were you can climb the plank steps to the boardwalk
      flanking the saloon, bank and mercantiles of the old west period.
      Making your way down the old pine walkway and peeping into a storefront,
      you get unreal sense that this town is real in the sense of lived in,
      peopled with sooty blacksmiths and cautious bankers,
      nosy shopkeepers and worldly bartenders.
      The occasional glimpse of a false front brings visitors back to reality
      —it is really just a movie set.

      Eaves has been working with the film industry for approximately 40 years,
      including long periods of sluggish film activity.
      In 1957, he bought a sprawling ranch south of Santa Fe
      and soon thereafter had his first taste of Hollywood when
      they used his distinctive ranch house as a location for the short-lived television
      series Empire in 1962.

      Several years later, Eaves was working at the windmill pond near his home
      when a man walked up. He was a producer from Columbia Pictures
      who asked about using the ranch for a film and wanted to lease it for a year.

      This deal set the stage for the first major production at the Eaves Ranch,
      Where Angels Go . . . Trouble Follows, a film that brought Rosalind Russell
      and Robert Taylor to New Mexico.
      The following year, 1969, Gene Kelly approached Eaves
      about the possibility of building a Western town set for the movie
      he was to direct,The Cheyenne Social Club.
      They agreed to split the costs, with Kelly (from National General Pictures)
      paying half to build the town.
      It took five months to build, including the construction of power lines and roads.
      The film is, to this day, a standout among Eaves' many recollections,
      largely due to its stars Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda, along with director Kelly.

      For more information:-
      Eaves Movie Ranch

      For more information
      Studios, Backlots and Ranches
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: chisums house

      Hi Tony,

      Welcome to the JWMB! I did a quick search here on the forum and found this thread. It seems that Chisum was filmed in New Mexico, but I'm not sure of the exact spot. I'm sure someone here will be able to assist you in your search for the exact spot.

      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
      Official JWMB online store
    • Re: chisums house

      I asked Michael Wayne that same question about 5 years ago and he told me that Chisum was filmed in Mexico and that the house in Chisum is also the house in Big Jake. They redid the house to be use for Big Jake, but is wasn't a real house it was just a movie set. The house wasn't built to last and it wasn't built to be lived in.

    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- The Ranches

      From a previous thread:-

      Chester7777 wrote:

      One of our newer members, srequestrian67, is trying to find what he believes to be a John Wayne movie that was filmed outside of Albuquerque, NM (see his first post, quoted below). I tried a search at IMDb, looking for filming locations, but haven't been successful in finding a JW movie filmed in the described location. If I click on New Mexico as a filming location, 836 films come up, more than I want to read through (as they aren't in any particular order that I can determine).

      So . . . I thought I'd put it out there to our knowledgeable fan base to see what you can come up with.

      Thanks for your help!

      Chester :newyear:

      srequestrian67 wrote:

      Hey Y'all, I'm a 67 year old NEW fan at least to this site.
      Actually met the Duke at BWI Airport when I was a crash rescue firefighter there in 60's.
      I ended here when I was trying to match a movie & location. Pueblo out side
      Albuquerque NM.Visited site 5 yrs ago & can't forget. Would like to get movie. This a pretty nice site without all the negatives you see elsewhere.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Movie Locations- The Ranches, California

      From an earlier thread:-

      Stumpy wrote:

      H.sanada wrote:

      Hi all,
      New Mexico Film Meauseum is great site.
      Silverade,City Slickers,Lonely are the Brave,3:10 to Yuma,young guns
      and many many Movies are filmed in New Mexico.



      Good site, sanada - thanks for referring us to it. Here's a comprehensive list of the movies filmed in NM. It shows that "Chisum" and "The Cowboys" were made there.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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