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  • Nice little 4 CD Dimtri Tiomkin CD with some rare John Wayne tracks.

    It is a Silvo Screen City of Prague Orchestra

    The highlights are War Wagon and The High & Mighty with music arrangements on CD 1 & 2 and vocal arrangement on CD 4

    The Alamo and and Rio Bravo are also great plus Gunfight at OK Corral and Jimmy Stewart movie Night Passage.

    There is also a range of epic themes from Fall of the Roman Empire and Land of the Pharoahs plus some Hitchcock themes.

    There is a full colour booklet with a tribute from Tiomikin's daughter.

    Reproductions are faithful if not identical to original arrangements.

    The Unforgiven tracks are from 1960 movie not Clint Eastwood film as is The Wild Wild West from the 1960s TV series.

    Available from play.com at £13.99


    Tracks are:-

    Disc 1
    Night Passage
    Tension At Table Rock
    High Noon
    The War Wagon
    The Wild Wild West: Main Theme
    The Wild Wild West: The Ballad Of Jim West
    Gunfight At The O.K. Coral
    Rio Bravo
    Red River
    The Unforgiven: Across The Texas Panhandle
    The Unforgiven: The Need For Love
    The Unforgiven: Horse Ballet
    The Young Land
    Duel In The Sun
    Disc 2
    The Fall Of The Roman Empire: Overture
    The Fall Of The Roman Empire: The Fall Of Love
    The Fall Of The Roman Empire: Pax Romana
    Days Peking
    Land Of The Pharaohs
    Circus World (The Magnificent Showman)
    Dial M For Murder
    Strangers On A Train
    Giant: Main Title
    Giant: Love Theme
    Giant: The Jett Rink Theme
    The High And The Mighty
    Wild Is The Wind
    The Guns Of Navarone
    Disc 3
    Cyrano De Bergerac
    The Well
    Friendly Persuasion
    Town Without Pity
    It's A Wonderful Life
    Tarzan And The Mermaids
    The Thing From Another World
    The Alamo: Overture / Prologue
    The Alamo: Davy Crockett
    The Alamo: Tennessee Babe

    The Alamo: The Battle Of The Alamo
    The Alamo: The Green Leaves Of Summer
    The Alamo: Finale

    Disc 4 Vocal Arrangement
    Giant: This Then Is Texas
    Rawhide: Rawhide
    High Noon: Do Not Forsake Me
    Night Passage: Follow The River
    Giant: The Ballad Of Jett Rink
    Friendly Persuasion: Thee I Love
    It's A Wonderful Life
    Wild Is The Wind
    The High And The Mighty
    The War Wagon: The Ballad Of The War Wagon
    Rio Bravo
    The Young Land: Strange Are The Ways Of Love
    The Wild Wild West: The Ballad Of Jim West
    The Wild Wild West: The Wild Wild West

  • Thank Chester

    I have the Red River CD. Different cover from one shown. I wasnt sure about it the first time I listened to CD but I grew to love it. Fascinating to see the variations of theme.

    I see Silva Screen have Quiet man CD at £11.95


  • Hi Jim and Mike

    The one illustrated is the same as the one have. its interesting reading the various comments particularly about the singing. All in all though I think this is a very good CD.
    On a par with the Searchers How The West Was Won and Red River I would go for How The West Was Won Red River and The Searchers.

    If I were to expand two very good CD's that would stand with the other three are The films of Elmer Bernstein Volume 1 The Comancheros and True Grit, and Volume 2 The Shootist, Big Jake, Cahill United States Marshall.

    Having played Stagecoach and Fort Apache I wasn't particularly impressed with Stagecoach reasonably happy with Fort Apache. Perhaps I expected more.



    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • Hi Arthur

    Those soundtracks were the first two I bought as LPs I think from DL Cutts and being the first soundtrack records I had I thought they were great

    Funny thing when I bought them as CDs I expected to get beter reproduction but thought they sound a little dull particularly on Shootist and Cahill so much so that I now prefer other options

    True Grit, Commancheros and Big Jake I have as complete OST and I prefer the Shootist and Cahill selections on new True Grit CD.

    It proberably because they are new selections and are digital and I dont pump the volume like I have to on the Elmer Bernstein CDs.


  • Howdy All,
    I received the new True Grit soundtrack yesterday, and after listening to it I have to say that I am very pleased. I also liked the "additional" tracks of The Shootist, Big Jake, and Cahill. They were done as concert suites, and are very nice. I heartily recommend this CD to anyone who has not heard it.
    Colorado Bob

    "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them" It may be time worn, but it's the best life-creed I know.

  • I didn't know how merging the thread about John Wayne's Music into this thread would affect the flow of conversation, so thought it better to just share the link to another interesting discussion about the music from JW's films. Plenty of food for thought and "grist for the mill."

    Chester :newyear: