Pinned Duke's Movie Soundtracks

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    • Re: Duke's Movie Soundtracks- Discussion

      Duke Pilgrim.
      I notice this CD is available from John Wayne & John Ford Western CD…html?ptsl=1&ob=Price&fb=0


      Not many tracks, but not a bad price for them.

      Track List
      1. Stagecoach - Richard Hageman
      2. Fort Apache - Richard Hageman
      3. Three Godfathers - Richard Hageman
      4. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - Richard Hageman
      5. Rio Grande - Victor Young
      6. The Searchers (Ride Away) - Danny Knight
      7. Horse Soldiers - David Buttolph
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Duke's Movie Soundtracks- Discussion

      Got my copy. Like you Arthur, I already had a number of the tracks but I was pleasantly surprised that CD had more tracks than I expected especially as I bought it for Horse Soldiers. Full track listing attached.

      1. Stagecoach~Main Theme 2. Fort Apache~Main Theme 3. Fort Apache~Sweet Genevieve 4. Three Godfathers~Main Theme 5. Three Godfathers~Beautiful River (Shall We Gather by the River) 6. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon~Main Theme 7. Rio Grande~Main Theme 8. Rio Grande~Yellow Stripes 9. Rio Grande~I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen 10. Rio Grande~Dispossesed 11. Rio Grande~Cattle Call 12. Rio Grande~Aha, San Antone 13. Rio Grande~Reunion 14. Rio Grande~Indian Raid / Escape 15. Rio Grande~Eerie Canal 16. Rio Grande~Laundresses' Row 17. Rio Grande~My Gal Is Purple 18. Rio Grande~Down by the Glen Side 19. Rio Grande~Footsore Cavalry 20. Rio Grande~Tyree Meets the Wagon Train / Indian Attack 21. Rio Grande~Coming Home 22. Rio Grande~Dixie 23. The Searchers~The Searchers (Ride Away) 24. Horse Soldiers~Dixie 25. Horse Soldiers~I Left My Love 26. Horse Soldiers~Lorena 27. Horse Soldiers~Bonnie Blue Flag 28. Horse Soldiers~I Left My Love 29. Horse Soldiers~When Johnny Comes Marching Home 30. Horse Soldiers~Bonnie Blue Flag 31. Horse Soldiers~The Girl I Left Behind 32. Horse Soldiers~Deep River / Lorena 33. Horse Soldiers~Kingdom Coming 34. Horse Soldiers~Tenting Tonight 35. Horse Soldiers~By The Campfire 36. Horse Soldiers~When Johnny Comes Marching Home
    • Re: Duke's Movie Soundtracks- Discussion

      I don't suppose anyone has any idea where I can find the soundtrack for The Shootist? Not the "Digital Premiere Recordings" CD, which features a few songs from The Shootist, but the actual soundtrack. I remember seeing it mentioned once several years ago, but have not been able to find it again, and also not able to locate a copy of this soundtrack.

      It seems to me that there are several John Wayne films that had wonderful soundtracks, but they have never been put out on LP or CD. Films like Chisum, Cahill, Stagecoach, Hondo, and several others. All of these films have great musical scores, but alas, no soundtrack CD or LP.
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    • New John Wayne Soundtrack CDs

      A few days ago I bought the new 3CD Soundtrack Collection from John Wayne´s The Alamo! It is new record done by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (O.K. some people don´t like that, but I do) and they have done a great job of recording the complete score. It is real great to listen to, almost like a symphony!

      You can find this collection here…c19497f360b36ef858ae86b4c

      They will release the soundtrack of Legend of the Lost in a very limited edition soon! I have ordered one now for me.
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