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    • Music- My all time favorite is "The Quiet Man". I bought it and love it. It also sparked my love for more Irish music. Hank Locklin was a country singer with a great voice. Hank recorded an Irish album, i wanted it. It cost about $60 alone.
      Our english friends have taken music and put it out inexpensively. I found a hank locklin cd's
      with three of his country albums and the Irish album for $28. This setup was done in England.
      Also I bought the John Wayne Alamo on laser disc had it copied to DVD. The laser disc version is 202 minutes instead of 162 min. put out on now.
      I also bought the laser disc version of "The Quiet Man", i don't even play it, but it has lobby cards for the movie.
      I say hats off to John Ford for the music in his movies, much of it is very good.
      Happy Thanksgiving. 2016
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    • The Searchers is my fav hands down, The Cowboys is second.
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    • I picked up two CDs that are pretty descent but similar - One is " Music from the Westerns of John Wayne and John Ford". The other is "Westerns of John Ford". I was looking for the track off "Yellow Ribbon" and both have it. The first is a single disc, the second two discs. I sure wish though there were modern stereo renditions of the original scores. Some of these are so iconic, but its kind of a bummer to hear them all on mono.
    • Cherry Red Records in the U.K. is releasing a 3 CD- box set of Music from the Westerns of John Wayne & John Ford.

      A unique presentation. A mixture of diegetic and non-diegetic music from the westerns John Wayne and his mentor, the great film director John Ford made together – from Stagecoach in 1939 through to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance in 1962, where songs and music from the original scores are blended with recordings made by popular artists (mostly of 1950s vintage, or older) of songs heard in the films. In all, music from eight eternal westerns, a genre which Ford and Wayne both defined and long-dominated

      Additional description and track listing are here:

      Music From The Westerns Of John Wayne & John Ford: Various Artists, 3CD Boxset - Cherry Red Records
    • Wow. This will be on my buy list. I wonder if they'll offer it in vinyl?

      Thanks for sharing.
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