A Movie about John Wayne?

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    • A Movie about John Wayne?

      Will there ever be a Movie about John Wayne?

      There have been movies over the years, whether they be biogs, semi-documentaries,
      about real people,JFK, MacArthur, Patton, Ghandi, A Social Network, Chaplain,
      Hitchcock, Princess Grace of Monaco, and many more etc.
      the list is expansive
      List of Biographical Films

      But what about Duke??

      OK he may not be in the same league as some of the leaders,
      but he still remains the greatest screen star to this day

      Surely Wayne Enterprises could be missing a trick, as I would expect such a film
      would be hugely accepted and hopefully profitable.

      What are your thoughts and I know we've asked before,
      who would portray Duke??
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • I've often wondered why there hasn't been a movie made about the Duke. Part of me doesn't want one made, because not sure anyone can do it right, plus who in the world would play Duke?
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    • That's a easy question to answer. Right now I would say the chances of a movie being made about John Wayne are less than one percent. Modern day Hollywood is loaded with phony blow-hards espousing political correctness as it applies to their definition. In short, modern Hollywood caters to special interests which mean real men like John Wayne will always be disenfranchised because he never kissed their rear. To have one made about him today would mean someone with a chip on their shoulder would falsely accuse him of biases he never had. I just assume today's industry stay far away from John Wayne. They know nothing of his true merit as an actor and even less of being a man.
    • I've thought about this many times over the last 20 years at least. Even wrote a few scripts based on various documentaries, books, and everything else I could find. Who would play Wayne has changed over the years.

      In recent years I thought of Aaron Echart, Brad Garrett, Brian Turk and believe it or not Ryan Stiles. But I think the best would be an actor who could play the young John Wayne and with make-up also play the older Duke. Unfortunately, I wouldn't put any of the Wayne boys or grandsons on that list. :-/ As much as I like them, they just don't have what their father or grandfather had. Also David James Elliott, who played John Wayne in the recent Trumbo wasn't particularly impressive.

      As others have said, I don't expect a Duke film any time soon. As popular as he is in American (and global to some extent) culture the things he stood for, though many of them are greatly exaggerated and just urban myths, are not very popular and are down right flammable topics these days.

      Lets hope that it will one day happen and will be a film that respects and does his memory and does it justice.