Films You Wish John Wayne Hadn't Made

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    • Hiya Hondo ---

      Yeah, the cop film thing just didn't seem to be a natural fit for Duke. I don't like to think about him doing it because of Clint Eastwood, either. I understand it, to some extent, but I just wish he had remained true to his own calling... if that makes any sense.

      Anyway, just to show all of you how pitiful I am compared to some of you, below is a list of all the Duke films I've seen. I might be forgetting some but this should be pretty complete. I don't mind any of them, really!

      1975 Rooster Cogburn
      1975 Brannigan - didn't see all of it, actually...
      1969 True Grit
      1967 El Dorado
      1965 The Sons of Katie Elder
      1963 McLintock!
      1962 Hatari!
      1962 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
      1959 Rio Bravo
      1959 The Horse Soldiers
      1956 The Searchers
      1953 Hondo
      1952 The Quiet Man
      1951 Flying Leathernecks
      1949 Wake of the Red Witch
      1949 The Fighting Kentuckian
      1949 Sands of Iwo Jima
      1949 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
      1948 The Three Godfathers
      1948 Red River
      1946 Without Reservations
      1945 They Were Expendable
      1945 Flame of Barbary Coast
      1943 A Lady Takes a Chance
      1942 The Flying Tigers
      1941 Tall in the Saddle
      1940 The Dark Command
      1939 Stagecoach

      Okay, so if I had to pick a couple that I didn't like quite as much, I'd probably pick McLintock! (I'm not a feminist but, still!), Flying Leathernecks (the war films aren't always my favorite), The Flame of Barbary Coast, and The Flying Tigers. (These last two I quite liked, I just didn't care at all for his female leads!)
    • Regarding smoking in films...

      I am very much against cigarette smoking for what it does to a person. My dad smokes and I hate it!!! I wish he'd quit. On the other hand, I admit that it looks pretty danged cool sometimes in a movie. Imagine The Quiet Man without Duke and his pensively smoked ciggies. It's always interesting to watch people's hands and the cigarette is a handy little prop that invites us to look at them.

      Another star who went too early (and I think we can probably blame it on cigarettes) is Humphrey Bogart, of course. Too bad it looked so cool. I feel like such a hypocrite! :rolleyes:

      Oh... one more thing. I am very glad to hear that Mrs. Chester agrees with me about Duke's lack of smarminess. :) Nary a smarmy cell in him.
    • Jen,

      It would be easier for me to tell you what Duke moviesI haven't seen. I have never seen, Shepherd in the Hills, Island in the Sky, almost all his "B" movies, and to tell you the truth, How the West was Won. I did see the scene with Duke and Harry Morgan, but not the whole movie.

      Cheers, Hondo B)

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • Hello Everyone

      I go away for a few days and it seem like I've missed an entire conversation. :D

      First of all when the question mentioned indicating our least favourite Duke movies I had the sinking feeling that two of my favourites were going to be mentioned and I was proved right and these movies are 'McQ' and 'Brannigan'. Now I know that Duke more or less copied Clint via these two movies but one cant help thinking that Clint copied an awful lot from the Duke and that Rooster Cogburn in True Grit was basically a template for Harry Callohan. Regarding Dukes cop movies I feel Duke adapts himself nicely to these movies and that they were a refreshing change of pace after some of his westerns went a little stale such as Train Robbers and Cahill. I only wish he made a few more cop movies but I am more than happy with what he did make that is why I am so fascinated about any information regarding deleted scenes within these movies. Lets face it its 1970 and there is need for a tough guy to play a cop who do you think of 1st and it aint Mr Eastwood. Duke has some excellent one-liners in his cop movies as well as some superb action especially the car chase in Brannigan and the one along the beach in McQ. The plots in both movies are well written and there is virtually no bad acting, the action is slick and well directed and despite what most say Duke looks comfortable and his acting is as good as ever. People accuse Duke of racism and Sexism but by claiming he was too old for these cop movies these same people are responsible for discrimination against older people. The fact that Duke was older in both these movies brings more interest to the character, inspiration to other people whom may feel getting older and whom feel it is a hindrance and it is also very admirable of the Duke himself when one considers he did most of his own stunts and at his age he decided to broaden his horizons rather than give up as so many other people have done when they reached their sixties. Clint himself has made few movies in the 90's and has turned to direction because of age and poor old Jimmy Stewart was reduced to roles as a granddad etc when he reached his sixties. Also the fact that McQ was an enormous box office hit is also proof of its worth although Brannigan the superior of the two movies was not such a big hit. In conclusion give these two movies at least one more try I'm confident you wont be disappointed.

      A surprise occurrence on the list of bad movies by the Duke for me personally was the cowboys. In my opinion it is an excellent modern day western that boasts great acting, direction, acting, scenery and a great storyline. I think Dukes acting in this movie is better than it was in True Grit and boy does the big man really flex his acting muscles in this great movie. However being the John Wayne fan that I am I do feel that his death was inappropriate despite Rolands great comparison with the life of Jesus. It is difficult to watch him being shot five times however despite what most say he wasn't shot in the back. I am curious to know why big John took on this role when it did require him to be killed and I did feel that after his death there was certainly a void in the movie, which brought it down just a little. I found some great aspects of the movie they are

      1. Duke breaking in that horse at the start.
      2. Duke being a little cruel to one of the boys and then admitting to Mr Nitlinger that 'I guess I don’t always decide right'
      3. The look of worry in his eyes the night before the big cattle drive.
      4. Some of the snappy dialogue between Duke and Dern.
      5. Duke and Mr. Nittlinger finding the boy drinking.
      6. Dukes very touching and well acted little talk over the grave of one of the boys
      7. The look of hurt in his eyes looking at the graves of his two sons.
      8. Duke kicking Bruce Derns sorry little ass.

      I am actually interested in these two off set how did they get along with each other but all in all The Cowboys is an excellent movie and certainly not a negative in Duke portfolio although I do wish that he didn’t have to be killed in it.

      Movies that I wish Duke didn’t make

      1. Legend of the Lost, a truly atrocious movie one of the worst I have ever seen.
      2. Flame of Barbarry Coast, this movie is badly acted and goes nowhere.
      3. Donavans Reef, Duke only made it out of loyalty to Ford.
      4. The Magnificent Showman, a very stale movie
      5. The Horse Soldiers- a big letdown

      Movies I wish Duke did make

      1. Dirty Harry
      2. The Magnificent Seven as Chris
      3. Where Eagles Dare

      Regarding smoking in movies I do feel that if it was eliminated completely it would be a little silly as it adds to the authenticity of the characters and of real life and I don't believe that Dukes cancer came from the testing site of nuclear bombs where the Conqueror was made I feel this just a Hollywood legend like the one in which a muchincan can been seen hanging himself in the wizard of oz when in reality it is simply a giant bird. Finally I think Brandos comments were disgusting but then again this was a troubled nobody who’s movies I have little time for.
    • Originally posted by Robbie@Jan 25 2004, 11:29 AM
      [b]I found some great aspects of the movie they are . . .

      8. Duke kicking Bruce Derns sorry little ass.


      I guess Brits and Yanks do actually speak the same language after all! :D
      And I do enjoy that part of the movie!

      BTW, the rest of your post was awesome! Some really good points. Just so you know, I don't dislike the movie The Cowboys, but it is among the least liked. I have many of the same thoughts that you and Roland have expressed here. It is a good quality film, good plot, great acting, but I find the Duke's death disheartening, especially at the hands of a creep :angry: :angry: .

      Roland's comparison between The Cowboys and the Last Supper was an intriguing one that my wife and I had not even considered previously.

      So . . . Marlon Brandon's not one of your favorites, I take it . . . ;) .

      Chester :newyear:
    • Hi again

      On the subject of slant eyes.

      After John Wayne completed the Conqueror it was reported in one of our movie magazines that as a reslt of him having his eyes continually taped up to give him the mongol look, he was confined to his house for several weeks with severe eye strain


      Walk Tall - Talk Low
    • Hey again Hondo -

      I'm impressed by your list, though certainly not surprised. May I ask if there is any specific reason why you haven't seen Shepherd of the Hills? Is that one hard to find? I thought I saw where it had been on TCM a while back, but maybe I'm thinking of something else.

      I've got a lot of films to see yet... too bad the two main networks who show them (AMC & TCM) tend to show the same ones over and over again. I need to get off my wallet, I guess. ;)
    • I would wish duke didnt made all the movies between The Big Trail and Stagecoach.

      I dont know why fans hate the death of the Duke in The Cowboys but I think It is not so bad, because duke knows he had already beaten Bruce Dern in the fist fight, and walks away Dern shoots his first shot in the arm, but he dont turned around because he protected in my opinion his own dignity against the the children.
      (I have too agree I prefer to see Wayne dieing in the middle of the fight then on this couartly way, but Bern is the perfect bad guy also like in Will Penny).

      I also wish he didnt made:
      The Qonquer
      Legends of the lost
      Blood Alley

      Robbie why didnt you want that the duke made The Horse Soldiers?
      I am glad he made It because he played only in 5 westerns in the 50's without It only 4, I love the ending.
      And I cant imagine to see duke as Chris in the Magnificent seven.

      movies I wish he did made:
      -Bandolero in stead of Jimmy Stewart.
      -Dirty harry
      -Cheyenne Autumn as a worty ending coorporation with Ford instead of Donovans Reef
      -Two Mules for sister sarah
      -The Wild Bunch
      -Blazing Saddles
      -The Professionals

    • A Girl Named Jen...

      I just noticed that based on your list, you have never seen The Shootist. For goodness sake, stop what you are doing right now, and go watch it. You should be able to pick up a used copy on E-Bay. But Duke's last film is one of his best IMHO.

      "...all of this and General Price that baby sister makes it back to Yell county" --Rooster Cogburn, True Grit.
    • Jen,

      When I collected VHS's I watched all of Duke's movies. The Shepherd of the Hills was not on video nor has been, and I missed watching it on TV when it came on. I just didn't get around to seeing it, so I missed. I guess your right that I've seen a lot of his movies. Most of them more than once. A few of my favorite ones a lot, like Rio Bravo, McLintock!, The Shootist, Hondo, The Sons of Katie Elder, True Grit, The Searchers, Stagecoach, The Green Berets, Sands of Iwo Jimo, Trouble Along the Way & The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

      As for Island in the Sky, well you know the story there, and I am beginning to see the "B" movies, but that will take a while, and I'm in no hurry right now.

      Cheers, Hondo B)

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • JW Fan

      The Horse Soldiers in my opinion was a dreadful movie and it failed at the box office. The scene in which the confederates attack the yanks in the town is really badly directed. The leading ladies acting is very weak and there is a lack of excitement within the movie a truely forgettable movie in my opinion.

      Chester, oh yes us Brits use that phrase too.

    • hi hondo,

      if you like the green berets then go to ebay australia and you will find up for bidding a photo and film strip combo from a lady going by the name of hellodear1 starting bid is australian $30 give it a try if she won't post overseas let me know if you get it and make arrangements with me and i will get it sent to you

      cheers smokey
      " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"