Documentaries on John Ford

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    • Documentaries on John Ford




      Information From ImDB

      In 1971, Peter Bogdanovich was, perhaps, America's most promising young
      filmmaker, when he chose to make a documentary about
      legendary film director John Ford.
      The result was a documentary that drew excellent reviews,
      following a screening at the 1971 New York Film Festival and a television
      broadcast. It was later withdrawn from circulation because of legal rights.
      It was only in early 2006 that Bogdanovich - who was reportedly never totally
      happy with the 1971 version - went back and revamped the documentary
      to his satisfaction.
      He recorded totally new interviews with Martin Scorsese,
      Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg and incorporated
      a rare audio recording of Ford and his rumored 'significant
      other' Katharine Hepburn
      Written by alfiehitchie

      Also see:
      Wikipedia- Directed by John Ford

      Full Cast
      Orson Welles ... Narrator (voice)
      Ward Bond ... (archive footage)
      Harry Carey ... (archive footage)
      Katharine Hepburn ... Herself (archive footage)
      Jeffrey Hunter ... (archive footage)
      Maureen O'Hara ... Herself (archive footage)
      Richard Widmark ... (archive footage)
      Peter Bogdanovich ... Himself / Interviewer (uncredited)
      Harry Carey Jr. ... Himself (uncredited)
      Henry Fonda ... Himself (uncredited)
      John Ford ... Himself (uncredited)
      James Stewart ... Himself (uncredited)
      John Wayne ... Himself (uncredited)

      Production Companies
      American Film Institute (AFI)
      California Arts Commission
      Turner Classic Movies (TCM) (restored 2006 version)

      Tom Brown .... executive producer
      Melissa Roller .... supervising producer
      David Shepard .... associate producer
      David H. Shepard .... associate producer (as David Shepard)
      James R. Silke .... producer
      George Stevens Jr. .... producer
      Gregg Taylor .... co-producer

      Original Music
      Gaylord Carter

      László Kovács
      Brick Marquard
      David Sammons
      Gregory Sandor
      Eric Sherman
      Patrick Alexander Stewart

      Filming Locations
      Center for Advanced Film Studies, American Film Institute - 2021 N. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA
      Monument Valley, Utah, USA
      (TV Special Documentary)

      Information from IMDb

      TV Special Documentary - 75 min

      Shortly before his death in 1973, John Ford was given is first ever Lifetime Achievement Award
      by the AFI while friends and co-workers shared reminiscences.
      The AFI Life Achievement Award was established by the Board of Directors
      of the American Film Institute on February 26, 1973 to honor a single individual
      for his or her lifetime contribution to enriching American culture through
      motion pictures and television.
      The Trustees initially specified that the recipient must be one who fundamentally
      advanced the art of film and whose achievements had been acknowledged
      by the general public as well as by film scholars and critics and the individual's peers.
      The Trustees also specified that the work of the recipient must have withstood the test of time.
      Six time Academy Award-winning director John Ford was the unanimous choice
      of the Board of Trustees for the first award as he "clearly stands preeminent
      in the history of motion pictures." President Richard M. Nixon attended the gala dinner
      hosted by Danny Kaye at which Ford was presented the award on March 31
      Written by alfiehitchie

      Full Cast
      John Ford
      Charles Bronson
      Yul Brynner
      Clint Eastwood
      Henry Fonda
      Cary Grant
      Charlton Heston
      Bob Hope
      Kate Jackson
      David Janssen
      Danny Kaye
      Grace Kelly
      Jack Lemmon
      Lee Marvin
      Roddy McDowall
      Richard Nixon
      Maureen O'Hara
      Rosalind Russell
      Steven Spielberg
      George Stevens Jr.
      James Stewart
      Leslie Uggams
      Robert Wagner
      John Wayne
      Richard Widmark
      Fred Astaire
      Jack Benny
      Walter Cronkite
      Nancy Davis
      Kirk Douglas
      Zsa Zsa Gabor
      Jill Ireland
      Fred MacMurray
      Patricia Neal
      Pat Nixon
      Gregory Peck
      Ronald Reagan
      Cybill Shepherd

      Music Department
      Nelson Riddle

      Production Companies
      American Film Institute (AFI)
      Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

      Watch this short clip

      The American Film Institute Salute to John Ford (1973)



      The American West of John Ford (1971) (TV) (68 mins)

      Hosted and Narrated by John Wayne,
      Henry Fonda, and James Stewart,
      this documentary pays homage to
      'The guy who made westerns'
      Duke joins John Ford in Monument Valley,
      which also features, Andy Devine.
      Includes many clips from the films,
      made there with Ford.

      Full Cast
      John Wayne ... Himself - Narrator
      James Stewart ... Himself - Narrator
      Henry Fonda ... Himself - Narrator
      John Ford ... Himself
      Andy Devine ... Himself

      Writing Credits
      David H. Vowell (written by)
      Dan Ford (format) (as Daniel Sargent Ford)

      Bob Banner .... executive producer
      Tom Egan .... producer
      Dan Ford .... producer (as Daniel Sargent Ford)
      Britt Lomond .... producer
      Suzy O'Connell .... associate producer

      Robert E. Collins

      Now available to watch, the full documentary:

      The American West of John Ford

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Directed by John Ford (1971)

      Directed by John Ford is a documentary film directed by
      Peter Bogdanovich. Originally released in 1971,
      it covers the life and career of film director John Ford.

      At the beginning of this documentary Duke
      tells of where and when he first met Ford

      User Review

      A Master of the Cinema on a Master of the Cinema
      9 March 2009 | by rajah524-3 (United States)

      Well. Old John was 76 when Peter B. fired up the cameras out in Monument Valley in '70. 76 in those days was more or less what we see in an 80- or 85-year-old now. They don't feel all that wonderful here and there. Their internal organs aren't hitting on all eight cylinders. Their joints ache. It's hard to care for all that long about what one used to care about. (He died two years later.)

      So while this is a movie -about- John Ford, his own comments seem to reflect his stresses of the moment, and he's not all that worked up about telling -- or selling -- his own story. (This -is-, after all a man whose record speaks for itself: "The Informer," "Stagecoach," "The Grapes of Wrath," "My Darling Clementine," "Fort Apache," "Rio Grande," "Mr. Roberts," etc.)

      Bogdanovich is clearly abused during his interview with The (unappreciative) Great Man, but what he makes of it -- and the other interviews -- is pret-near as good as many of the Great Man's own films.

      We get to see the -man- through the eyes of icons like Stewart, Fonda, O'Hara and Wayne -- who worked directly with him -- from the '70 shoots. We get to see the significance of the man's -work- through the eyes of Eastwood, Scorcese, Hill, Spielberg, Lucas and Bogdanovich, arguably six of the most qualified observers one could hope to assemble.

      Moreover, Bogdanovich selects cinematic evidence of the man's remarkable sense of how to present the story on a theater screen: Ward Bond cutting loose with John Wayne. Wayne and Jeffrey Hunter amid the tree branches in a snow storm. Richard Widmark and Jimmy Stewart on the stream's edge in a five-minute two-shot that's plain astonishing.

      Spielberg makes the point that Ford knew and employed the rituals of American culture. Scorcese was surely watching closely when he did. Lucas makes the point that Ford knew how to seize the moment cinematically and stamp it indelibly upon our memories. Think of Henry Fonda as Wyatt Earp rocking on the porch with Linda Darnell in "...Clementine." Ford Knew Film. This is proof. Thanks, Pete. Thanks, -John-.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: The American West of John Ford (1971)

      Hello keith

      it has been a while since I last watched this but it was very entertaining. Undertones of Ford STILL not giving JW the credit he deserved but then that was Ford!
      Be who you are & say what you feel Because those who mind dont matter & those who matter dont mind
    • Re: The American West of John Ford (1971)

      This one seems to be a bit harder to get, and a bit pricier. But Amazon does have one new for, $55.99, and one used, $10.55, get them quick, as things change quickly !

      Chester :newyear:
    • I found this under the "Blazing Westerns" Channel on my Roku stick. I liked it so much, I watched it twice! very educational and very entertaining listening to John Ford tell stories about Henry Fonda and James Stewart. Funny seeing Wayne get a face full of sand for a scene. It was a great documentary.
    • I just ordered "American West of John Ford" new DVD for $4 + $3.99 shipping from amazon.
      There another one used for $6.59 + shipping.
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