The Phantom Riders (1918)

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    • The Phantom Riders (1918)




      Plot Summary
      The head of a band of cattle rustlers is defied,
      prompting him to call his phantom riders together and route the defier's cattle,
      and then seek their owner intent on taking his life.

      Harry Carey ... Cheyenne Harry
      William Steele ... Dave Bland (as Bill Gettinger)
      Molly Malone ... Molly Grant
      Buck Connors ... Pebble' Grant (as Buck Connor)
      Vester Pegg ... The Unknown
      Jim Corey ... Foreman

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      George Hively ... (writer)
      Henry MacRae ... (story)

      Harry Carey

      John W. Brown
      Ben F. Reynolds
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • The Phantom Riders (1918)

      The Phantom Riders is a 1918 silent American Western film directed by John Ford
      and featuring Harry Carey.

      The film is considered to be lost.

      A further adventure of Cheyenne Harry produced and starring Harry Carey
      and featuring Ford regulars Molly Malone, Bill Steele, Vester Pegg

      User Review

      The Phantom Riders (1918) - Lost Silent
      16 July 2015 | by Pamela Short (Canada)
      Even though United States government lands are open to all for grazing,

      Dave Bland ( Billy Gettinger ) is determined to reserve Paradise Creek for himself,
      and to this end he hires "The Unknown" ( Vester Pegg ) and his band of
      "Phantom Riders" to patrol the valley. Unintimidated, Cheyenne Harry ( Harry Carey )
      leads his own small herd of cattle into the valley, and when he ignores Bland's order to leave,
      the Riders raid his livestock and nearly kill him.
      Later, The Unknown accosts Harry in the saloon, and after Harry shoots the outlaw,
      the Phantom Riders surround the bar and begin shooting. Molly ( Molly Malone ),
      who has been forced into a loveless marriage with Bland, rides for the Forest Rangers,
      who rush to Harry's aid. Bland is killed and the Riders disperse,
      leaving Molly free to marry her brave and beloved Harry.

      This 1918 silent western was produced by The Universal Film Manufacturing Company
      and adapted for the screen by scenarist George Hivelyand from the original story written by Henry McRae.

      The Phantom Riders was directed by John Ford, starring actor Harry Carey.
      It was part of the "Cheyenne Harry" series of film featurettes.

      Sadly it now remains a lost silent.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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