Hell Bent (1918)

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    • Hell Bent (1918)




      Plot Summary
      Bess Thurston (Gerber), whose no-account brother Jack (Pegg)
      is unable to support her, obtains employment in a dance hall.
      This shatters the illusions of Cheyenne Harry (Carey), who has fallen in love with her.
      When he rescues her from the advances of Beau Ross (Harris), Cheyenne's confidence in her is restored.
      Her brother then aids Beau in an attempted robbery and Harry allows them to escape.
      Beau takes Bess with him into the desert. Harry follows and a duel ensues in which they are both wounded.
      Bess rides the only horse left out of the desert, while Beau and Harry struggle along on foot.
      A sandstorm results in the death of Beau,
      but Harry lives to find happiness with Bess.

      Harry Carey ... Cheyenne Harry
      Duke R. Lee ... Cimmaron Bill (as Duke Lee)
      Neva Gerber ... Bess Thurston
      Vester Pegg ... Jack Thurston
      Joe Harris ... Beau Ross (as Joseph Harris)
      Steve Clemente ... Undetermined Role
      Millard K. Wilson ... Undetermined Role
      Molly Malone ... Undetermined Role

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      John Ford ... (story) (as Jack Ford) and
      Harry Carey ... (story)
      Eugene B. Lewis ... (story)

      Ben F. Reynolds
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Hell Bent (1918)

      Hell Bent is a 1918 American Western film directed by John Ford and featuring Harry Carey.
      A print of the film exists in the Czechoslovak Film Archive.

      Another outing for Harry Carey as Cheyenne Harry, supported by
      Neva Gerber, Duke R. Lee and Vester Pegg


      User Review

      Hell Bent (1918) - Surviving Silent Western
      16 July 2015 | by Pamela Short (Canada)

      pamela wrote:

      Cheyenne Harry ( Harry Carey ) arrives in the town of Rawhide,

      where he befriends cowboy Cimmaron Bill ( Duke Lee ) and Bess Thurston ( Neva Gerber ), who works in the local dance hall in order to support her sick mother.
      Beau Ross ( Joseph Harris ), the leader of a gang of outlaws, is infatuated with Bess. He soon persuades her brother Jack ( Vester Pegg ), who was fired from Wells Fargo, to join his gang, then abducts Bess. Beau captures Cheyenne, but the latter escapes by overpowering Jack and stealing his clothes. Disguised as Jack, Cheyenne catches Beau, and the two embark on a fifty-mile walk across the desert. When they finally reach the nearest water hole and find it dry, Beau expires, while Cheyenne is rescued by Cimmaron Bill, then marries Bess.

      This 1918 silent western was directed by John Ford for the Universal Film Manufacturing Company, starring actor Harry Carey.

      A copy of this film survives in the Czechoslovak Film Archive
      and hopefully it will be released for public viewing.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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