A Woman's Fool (1918)

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    • A Woman's Fool (1918)




      Plot Summary
      Lin McLean (Carey), a cowboy, is a fool where women are concerned.
      He befriends Katie Lusk (Schade), a Denver "biscuit shooter", only to be rejected.
      Dishearted, he picks up a homeless boy, Tommy Lusk (Pegg), off the Denver streets
      and makes a pal of him. He learns that the boy's mother is none other than the woman who rejected him.
      Katy comes back into his life, vowing that she really loves him,
      but Lin has met Jessamine Buckner (Malone), the new station agent
      in the small town near where he works, and Lin realizes that she is the right woman.
      Katy commits suicide and Lin, Jessamine, and the boy start a new life together.

      Harry Carey ... Lin McLean
      Betty Schade ... Katie Lusk
      Molly Malone ... Jessamine Buckner (as Mollie Malone)
      Millard K. Wilson ... The Virginian
      Ed Jones ... 'Honey' Wiggin
      Vester Pegg ... Tommy Lusk
      William A. Carroll ... Lusk
      Roy Clark ... Billy
      Sam De Grasse ... Undetermined Role

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      George Hively ... (scenario)
      Owen Wister ... (novel)

      Ben F. Reynolds
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • A Woman's Fool (1918)

      A Woman's Fool is a 1918 American Western film directed by John Ford featuring Harry Carey.

      The film is considered to be lost


      Harry Carey in a new role, but with some usual regular side kicks
      User Review

      A Woman's Fool (1918) -- Lost Film ?
      16 July 2015 | by Pamela Short (Canada)

      pamela wrote:

      Lin McLean ( Harry Carey ) is in love with Katie Lusk ( Betty Schade ),

      a biscuit shooter in a Denver railroad restaurant, he offers her a home in the West.
      A bad drought comes and Katie's husband shows up offering
      to make it rain for six hours for $1,000 and does so, Katie returns to him.
      Lin, now broken-hearted, heads to another town, where he meets a young pal,
      Tommy ( Vester Pegg ), who turns out to be Katie's abandoned child.

      This 1918 silent western was based on the novel Lin McLean, by Owen Wister.
      The film was directed by John Ford for the Universal Film Manufacturing Company,
      starring Harry Carey.

      Sadly it now remains a lost silent film.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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