Three Mounted Men (1918)

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    • Three Mounted Men (1918)





      Plot Summary
      Cheyenne Harry (Carey) is promised his liberty from prison if he will capture "dead or alive"
      Buck Masters (Harris), a worthless and desperate character.
      Harry agrees, and in short order he has won the confidence of the bad man
      and they agree to hold up the night stage coach. Harry tips off the sheriff and the tough is caught.
      Harry then finds that this has robbed a poor girl, Lola (Gerber),
      and her mother (Lafayette) of their only support. Harry relents and, with his two pals,
      they kidnap the thief from the sheriff's automobile and make off with him.
      Harry rides off to begin life anew with Lola, the desperado's sister.

      Harry Carey ... Cheyenne Harry
      Joe Harris ... Buck Masters
      Neva Gerber ... Lola Masters
      Harry Carter ... The Warden's Son
      Ruby Lafayette ... Mrs. Masters
      Charles Hill Mailes ... Warden
      Anna Townsend ... Harry's Mother (as Mrs. Anna Townsend)
      Ella Hall ... Undetermined Role
      Priscilla Dean ... Undetermined Role

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      Eugene B. Lewis ... (screenplay) (story)

      John W. Brown
      Ben F. Reynolds
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Three Mounted Men (1918)

      Three Mounted Men is a 1918 American Western film directed by John Ford (credited as Jack Ford)
      and featuring Harry Carey.

      The film is considered to be lost.

      User Review

      Three Mounted Men (1918) - Lost Silent Western ?
      17 June 2015 | by PamelaShort (Canada) –

      PAMELA wrote:

      Cheyenne Harry ( Harry Carey ) and fellow convict Buck Masters ( Joe Harris )

      become even more resentful enemies when Buck agrees to tamper
      with the prison's books for the warden's greedy son.
      The son secures Buck's release, but when Buck threatens blackmail,
      he soon decides that the best place for the outlaw is back in prison.
      Cheyenne Harry accepts a premature pardon, promising to deliver Buck
      to the warden's anxious son. So he goes off to search for the outlaw
      hoping to catch him committing a crime. Ending up in a small Western town.
      Harry falls in love with dance hall girl, Lola ( Neva Gerber ),
      not knowing she is Buck's sister. Harry informs the warden's son,
      when he discovers Buck is planning a robbery, deputies are quickly dispatched to arrest him.
      Harry is very touched by Lola's grief, he decides to pursue the deputies,
      along with the help of his two brothers, and rescue Buck.
      Lola then promises to marry Harry, while Buck promises to reform.

      This 1918 western was directed by John Ford and produced by the Universal Film Manufacturing Company,
      starring the popular cowboy actor, Harry Carey. Sadly it now remains a lost silent film.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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